3 Best Bookkeeping Software for Small Businesses (March, 2019)


Are you anxious about your less income and more expenses? Have you just set up your business? 

Well, when you are starting your small business, obviously you are not an expert, so you need a lot of guidance to work in proper directions and to move on to the next step. To manage your finances, you need to track the money that you are receiving and spending. 

For this purpose, you most probably need practical bookkeeping software to make things run in a flow. You must be busy with your business deals and new plans, and in between, you can miss out securing your finances. So, adding an affordable bookkeeping software in your ‘to do list,’ can be really helpful for you. For your small business, you need easy to use and inexpensive programs that are specially designed for this purpose. 

Let me help you out in finding best programs, which are both cloud-based and Android-based as well, so you can collaborate with your data anytime, anywhere. The best program to be used for bookkeeping is the one, which has a simple interface, easy to use the procedure, and affordable as well, to monitor the income and expenses.  The software for bookkeeping should include financial statements in detail so that you can have deep insight into the status of your business.  

Note: If you are not tech savvy then online accounting firms like Webtaxonline and others can be a better bookkeeping solution for your small business in Toronto.

QuickBooks Online

It’s a feeling that QuickBooks Online is practically amazing for small businesses to monitor your financial issues. This tool is fully enriched with features and can be used efficiently. On average, the company claims that you can save around 40 hours each month that you spend on tracking money. Definitely, it has everything to monitor your financial matters and is best suited for every type of business whether it is new or well established. 


Mac users often find it difficult to collaborate with business software that is not as capable of working with iOS as its Windows counterpart is. Xero is bookkeeping software based on the cloud that supports both Mac and PC. This is also fantastic software, which has a lot of features that can solve your problems in business. Xero is a full-featured solution that can never compromise over features because it is for Mac as well. 

You can save your time and make the process of accounting and bookkeeping simpler just by automating tasks and putting together with more than 700 apps. This great tool also claims to have 24/7 email and customer support, and without extra charges, phone assistance is also available. 


Small businesses really need small software, and Zoho Books provide plenty of basic features. All these features are used for microbusiness needs along with latest tools like project billing and time tracking. With the help of integrations, you can use the software continuously as your business grows. 

It is one of the best software used for bookkeeping small business needs for real value. Zoho Books have a wonderful price package as compared to other tools.    

Based on various features the bookkeeping software being evaluated to chose for your small business. After analyzing more than dozens of programs, I have selected the best software that can provide practical assistance in the betterment of your business. The features that are being evaluated include cost, invoice customers, pay employees, ability to pay bills, user-friendly, run critical financial statements, credit card accounts and connect bank. 

Cost: The best software is the one, which is affordable for both small and large size businesses. 

Managing Receivable Accounts: The program must have the capability to make invoices and track payments. 

Setup or Ease of Use: Everybody who doesn’t have any knowledge about bookkeeping should be able to use it efficiently.

Managing Accounts Payable: The program must have the ability to enter and pay bill payments. 

Payroll Processing: It must have payroll, or you can add by yourself payroll after hiring an employee. 

Connecting Bank and Credit Card Accounts: You must be able to download transactions from your bank or your financial institution. 

Accepting Payments Online: It must allow you to pay invoices online.  

Preparing Important Financial Statements: You must be able to make profit and loss, statement or cash flow and balance sheet with the software.  

How to Choose Bookkeeping Software

Before choosing any bookkeeping software, you have to make sure that it has features that you need to manage the finances of your business. A bookkeeping software should at least track income and expenses, make detailed reports, give access to more than one user, and give you approach to your data 24/7 a week and 365 days a year.  

To choose the bookkeeping software, you must include these features; 

Pay Bills

Enter your pay bills and pay them with the help of a check or your credit card. 

Invoice Customers

Creating custom invoices so that you can email to your customers. 

Integrating with Bank or Credit Card Accounts

You need to connect all the bank accounts and credit cards so that transactions can download automatically into your bookkeeping software. 

Reviewing Detailed Reports

You must be able to access your detailed reports for instance profit, loss, and balance sheet.  

These are the key points you need to consider before choosing any bookkeeping software for your business. Make sure you select the best from the rest!


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