25 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online


Started back in 1917s, Anime has become one of the most popular shows around the world because of its visuals effects and the stories it has, mainly it can be enjoyed by many people no matter their age group.

Anime Streaming Sites

Anime streaming online was a taboo back then, as now the technology has grown to a whole new level we can now easily watch anime online for completely free, no doubt there are literally hundreds of anime streaming sites some are filled with truckload of ads, some may have the least quality of shows, some may even be fake. So here we chose the best anime streaming sites that have the best collection of shows that are in HD quality and are English subtitled.

Best Anime Streaming Sites

Below are some of the best anime streaming sites with which you can easily watch your favorite anime shows for completely free and some sites will even allow you to download anime!

1. KissAnime.ru


KissAnime has been my favourite anime streaming site because of its great collection of anime shows with the episode from 1 to till the last episode a particular show has with most being in HD quality, the best part is that you don’t have to create an account to watch anime shows, but then creating an account which takes less than a minute will unlock a ton of features with downloading any anime shows you need with one click!

KissAnime is easy to navigate site with a search bar at the top right corner to search any of your favorite shows and also they do even have a forum, wherein you can discuss regarding anime shows with like-minded people. KissAnime is sometimes blocked in different countries so periodically you may need to adjust Google’s DNS servers or connect to a website blocker. If in any case, you don’t find the show you are looking for, you can always use their request anime shows feature. All in all, KissAnime is one of the best sites to stream anime with a little commercial here and there.

2. 9Anime.is


9Animes is another popular anime streaming sites with a pretty good collection of HD quality anime shows, it has quick navigations to latest anime shows, types of anime shows and genre of anime shows with a search bar at the center of the site with which you can quickly filter the shows that you would like to watch, just KissAnime this site also has the feature to request any anime shows which are not available on their site.

Watching anime shows on 9Animes is completely free of cost and also you don’t have to sign up for an account. While watching the anime shows you can read a short introduction to the show along with the ratings and they have 3-5 servers for every anime show, so if one server fails to load you will have the others, which is a great addon.

3. AnimeFreak.tv


AnimeFreak has the very large collection of anime shows among this list with most of the shows being is good quality and english subtitled, you can quickly browse through the list of anime by selecting any of the option mentioned in quick menu like a to z anime list, latest anime shows, browse by genre or category and popular anime shows with a small search bar at the right.

AnimeFreak also has their very own Android app, with which you can stream anime shows with the convenience of your phone, no apps for iOS bad luck for iPhone and iPad guys. AnimeFreak allows you to stream your favourite anime shows without creating an account and with a short little info about the particular show you are watching, if you find any of the links to anime shows or if you did not find the show you were searching for you can send a message to them, they claim to reply you within an hour or so.

4. AnimeSeason.com


AnimeSeason is pretty popular anime streaming site with a ton of anime shows to choose from, it has a quick navigation at the left side of the site with navigation to the full list of anime shows on their site, most recent shows, highest rated shows, random anime shows and lastly category wise selection of anime shows, but the search bar is missing here, which is the only demerit of their site design.

AnimeSeason allows you to stream any of your favorite anime shows for completely free and no need to sign up for an account, also you can download any particular show with one click. Just like 9Animes this site also comes with 2-3 different servers for each anime shows, so if one doesn’t work choose the other one, most of the shows listed on this site are English subtitled. Apart from the features it offers, it also has some annoying ads that pop up while watching a show.

5. Masterani.me


Masterani is the best designed and a very clean looking website to watch anime online. You can quickly search for the anime show you are looking for in the search box at the top left corner or you can sort the anime shows by ratings, type of anime and even you can select the quality of the shows, or you can click the random anime button which is located at the top left corner to list out some random anime shows.

Masterani allows you to stream and download anime shows with one click without any need for creating an account with them, creating an account which takes less than 30 secs will give you a ability to add any particular anime show to your watchlist and most of the shows on this website is in HD quality with English subtitles. Just like other anime streaming sites on this list this site also has a brief information about the anime show you are watching and also with the ratings built right in!

6. Crunchyroll.com


Crunchyroll.com is another best and legal anime site to watch the animation videos for free. It provides the vast collection of anime, Drama, action & pop videos with HD quality and additionally you can sort out the listings based on recent, Most Popular and alphabetical wise from 20,000 episodes. The anime videos in Crunchyroll is updated almost every one hour, and the website UI is really attractive with a slideshow of recent updates and titles.

You can create a free account to manage your favorite shows; track watched videos and playlists. Most of the anime videos can be accessed for free, but if you want to view unlimited videos, then you need to pay $6.95/month (14-day free Trial) for premium membership which includes ad-free in all devices. You can also download Crunchyroll – Everything Anime application on both Android & iOS devices for free.

7. Animestreams.tv


Animestreams is also the famous anime site with an easy user interface and navigation with free of cost; You don’t need to pay a single penny and also this website is ads free without any popups. I know It feels hard when you want to Watch an anime video but you don’t know Japanese! Don’t Worry; You can also watch some of the anime shows dubbed in English with subtitles.

Additionally, this site also provides tons of videos to download. They are very supportive of users; If you didn’t find your favorite anime video, then you can request them by filling up the Google form or by sending an e-mail to oppai458@gmail.com with Anime name.

8. AnimeHeaven.eu


AnimeHeaven is another popular anime streaming site, and it is one of the best-looking anime websites among others with stunning performance and smooth UI as it feels very comfortable to operate. This site is entirely free, and it offers users to download high-quality anime videos. The navigation tab is classified into different categories like Anime, Dubbed, Movies, Genres, Ongoing, Popular, Schedule, Random, Staff and a custom Search bar where you can simply enter a title, keyword or any anime you’re looking for.

This website gets updated every week, and you will get almost every popular anime series, cartoons over here. So if you are looking for an excellent site to stream and download best video anime series, then AnimeHeaven is the best choice on the list.

9. Funimation.com


Funimation is one among the top sites in streaming the anime videos legally, and it is the largest anime firm in North America. Funimation has the extensive collection of anime series, movies, episodes and you will found this site as the perfect anime streaming content over the web. Similar to AnimeHeaven, You can watch all the dubbed anime with English subtitles.

It’s an entirely free site where you can watch the subbed version for free. But if you want to view the dubbed versions, then you can create an account to subscribe for premium membership. So we recommend you to give a try to Funimation if you need the best English anime sites of high video quality.

10. Animelab.com


Animelab is one of the most trending anime sites on the platform. Animelab is a legal online Anime streaming site and you don’t need to spend a single penny as it is completely free of cost and you can explore all the favorite anime series which operates only in New Zeland and Australia.

You can also subscribe to premium membership account to watch the dubbed anime videos on site which costs you around $5-6$. It also supports various platforms like Android, iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox etc.

11. Chia-Anime.tv


Chia-Anime is also the best anime site to consider and the site layout, and the user interface is similar to Kissanime. If you don’t care about annoying popup ads, then Chia-Anime is the good place to stream the anime videos with high Quality. This site doesn’t even ask you to register or sign-up to download the videos. It offers large collections of anime videos which includes popular anime episodes, Asian drama, Manga, Dubbed and Movies as well. It also hosts both Subbed and Dubbed versions of anime, and you can quickly figure out the best by its attractive thumbnail.

The update frequency of this site is super fast comparing the other top sites. You can watch all the content on your laptops, PCs or even in smartphones with HD quality and you can also download the videos to watch it later.

12. Sidereel.com


Sidereel is a old  Anime website founded in the year 2007. This site has gained the popularity in very less time over 9 million registered users by today and has more than 22 million monthly visitors. Their search engine is custom designed so that you can find any anime series in seconds. To access Anime videos, you need to click on Genres and then on Anime or you can directly enter Anime in the search bar. It will show you the top Anime shows, and you can even track the anime videos by languages like Japanese and Korean.

Apart from other anime sites, Sidereel lets you create a free account from which you can choose up to 21,000 shows, track your favorite shows and even you can earn badges from watching the videos.

13. Netflix.com


Every American child knows what the Netflix is? Netflix is the world famous for online streaming service which offers users to view a wide variety of TV shows, Movies, Anime, Web series and many more. It has around 15 million daily unique visitors, and 118 million global subscribers as of today. Among its many TV shows, Movies and other popular web series, Netflix quietly entered into streaming the Anime videos giving a tough competition to other Anime sites.

Netflix User interface is excellent and its very simple to customize the various audio and subtitle options while watching the video. However, this site is not free as it comes with a monthly subscription plan starting from $7.99 to $9.99. But the money you spent is worthy as it shows the best content & HD video quality without any hassle. Personally, I too use Netflix, and I’m addicted watching my favorite anime shows. If you haven’t been on Netflix till now, then you can try it free for the first month. Enjoy! I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have after watching.

14. GogoAnime.se


Similar to all other anime sites GogoAnime is also the best place to watch anime videos online. All the latest anime videos are up-to-date, and you can easily find them on the homepage. It has a large number of anime episodes, Movies, Cartoons and also the latest Japanese & Korean drama videos. The user interface and design are eye-catching with yellow and blackish color theme.

You can stream all the anime that are in the Japanese language with English subtitles with free of cost. The ads are not much annoying and you can also use the GogoAnime app to stream your favorite videos available on both Apple iOS and Google play store. GogoAnime is somewhat different from other sites as it provides full-length anime movies to attract anime lovers. So if you are interested then let’s visit and watch now.

15. Animenova.org


Animenova is one of the best anime streaming site with simple UI and free of cost. You can watch all the latest anime series, Cartoons, manga, Dub anime, cartoon, and movies. The best part of this site is that all the popular anime series are updated every week and you can track the series by New, recent, popular, ongoing and Alphabetically.

Although, this site contains few ads which are not annoyable to the user either. You can also watch both dubbed and subbed versions of anime series without the need of creating an account. You can also download their free Android app and view all the videos in your smartphone with HD quality.

16. Viewster.com


Viewster is one of the top 10 online video streaming site founded in the year 2007 with a decent collection of anime movies and series. Viewster service is almost available in more than 120 countries around the world and is also a legal site. This site has almost 40 million unique visitors per month and apart from anime series this site also has more than 12,000 of licensed video contents which include Action, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Romance and many more.

Different shows and anime videos are showcased on homepage based on different countries and you can use any VPN’s to access some additional videos. You can download their official apps on your Android and Apple devices and you can also follow their Social Media Page on Facebook to know the latest releases and updates.

17. Anilinkz.to


Anilinkz is the biggest anime site with tons of Animation episodes, Series, Movies & cartoons to watch online for free. It has a huge database of video collection in high quality. Anilinkz collects all the videos found on other websites such as Youtube, GoogleVideo, DailyMotion, MySpace, LiveVideo and from other 3rd part video sharing sites to encourage the popularity of Animation videos.

If you couldn’t find your favorite anime video, then this website is the best option to get your anime video instantly. There is also a chat community to interact with users and you can also request any anime video in the chat mods. Visitors feel some annoyed by their popup & other ads.

18. AnimeHere.net


Anime Lovers who are looking for the site AnimeUltima.Me; Don’t Worry! This site is now redirected to the new domain namely AnimeHere.Co. It is also the another best platform for dubbed anime movies and also streams the subbed anime videos with English subtitles.

It is a legal site and the anime videos are regularly updated with large amount of content. You can watch online directly and even download the high-quality videos for absolutely free. You need to register a free account to stream the videos. So you can give a try to this site but it has a lot of annoying pop-up ads.

19. Narutoget.io


Narutoget is another most popular dubbed online anime streaming site and home for anime series videos. This site provides all the latest original Naruto, Baruto episodes and series which are dubbed in English for free in high-quality.

It also has the large collection of anime movies, manga, and cartoons, however, you cannot download the videos. You can view the videos in various formats including 360p,720p,1080p by selecting the HD option in the video bar. Unlike other websites, Narutoget is the spam free and ads less anime site.

20. Animeland.tv


Last but not least, Animeland.TV is also the good anime site to consider. This site offers up to 45,000 dubbed anime episodes in HD quality. This site is not much impressive as it lacks the feature in a user interface, designing and it comes under spam category with a lot of annoying popup ads.

Although, You can watch all the latest dubbed and subbed anime series, movies and even you can download the episodes after trying 2-3 times. There are few menu’s and the search engine bar doesn’t show the proper results. Anyhow, We suggest you download the favorite anime video and watch rather than annoying with popup ads.

21. Yahoo Anime

Yahoo Anime

Most of you know Yahoo! by the email service and the search engine it has but, it has more services you may not know one of which is a streaming service where you can stream sports, stream anime, action, adventure movies and even comedy shows for completely free of cost and you don’t need to create an account to stream anime.

It has a pretty good collection of anime shows divided into various categories like popular anime shows, adventure anime shows, comedy, drama, and romance with all shows listed have full episodes and some even are dubbed or subbed (you can filter it, if you need only dubbed or subbed) While creating an account, which takes less than a minute will unlock you an option to add shows to watchlist and more.

22. WatchCartoonOnline.com

Watch Cartoon Online

For this anime streaming site, don’t go by its name as it doesn’t contain any streams related to the cartoon but it has a ton of anime shows that are completely free to watch and no need to create an account. If you have any desired anime show that you need to watch, type it in the search bar and click enter, it will bring up complete episodes of it or use can use the quick categories like dubbed anime, subbed anime and more.

Every anime streaming the episodes on this site have well over 3 links so that if one doesn’t work or its slow use the second one, just like Yahoo anime, this site has divided anime shows into various categories like kids, comedy, manga, documentary, cartoon series and still more than 100 categories and the only con of this site is that it has plenty of ads which are annoying.

23. Ryuanime.eu


Ryuanime is the site that has most all of the anime shows out there with complete full length and some even have English subbed or dubbed version of the show to help those who don’t understand the anime language. On top of this anime streaming site, you will have the search bar wherein you can search any particular anime shows and also it has all the anime categories listed on the sidebar of the site.

And if you are finding difficulty in finding an anime shows use the random button which will suggest you a random anime show and also you can use the quick filter to filter anime’s based on their categories, all in all, Ryuanime is a great anime site which has most of the episodes in English dubbed with a little commercials here and there.

24. Animetake.tv


The user interface and the looks of this is pretty good, it is easy to navigate and find any desired anime shows with ease or else just like few other sites on this list you can use the genre filter or list anime shows by its popularity or just use the search bar to find it. Animetake has a good collection of animes with well over 200+ categories listed.

For every anime show listed on this site, it has a neat little description with a comment section wherein you can have a chat with like-minded anime fellows and not to forget it has over 2-3 links for every shows, so that it will be easier for you to stream anime when a link is not working or slow loading.

25. AnimeXD.me


AnimeXD has more of the latest design to its site and the people behind this anime streaming sites are active in uploading latest anime shows quickly and also you can chat with anime lovers in the sidebar and express your views and thoughts on anime shows, you don’t need to create an account to stream anime but creating one will give you ability to follow a particular anime show and add a show to your watchlist.

While you watch anime shows, it will give a little information regarding it so that you can understand before watching it and also add in comments and discuss regarding that particular show. Finding anime shows to watch is really easy in this site, just click on the menu which is present at the top left corner and it will give you various options like, browser anime by category, latest anime shows, popular ones and much more.


These were the best anime streaming sites that are available right now, these sites offer free anime shows without even creating an account in HD quality and most of them have English subtitles, for those who don’t understand Japanese.

No doubt these sites are filled with annoying ads, as it the only source of income to the website owner to keep up the sites up and running, but then if you don’t like those annoying ads (obviously, who love ads right?) then you can check our article on Best Adblocker Apps for Android.


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