5 Best Games to Play with Pansonite VR Headset


5 Best Games to Play with Pansonite VR Headset

Virtual reality is one of the best technologies invented specially for gamers. Virtual reality is basically a computer generated experience which creates a virtual environment around the user. Virtual reality can be experienced using a VR Headset with a smartphone.

There are many varieties of VR Headset available in the market for different purpose. Like there are many headsets specially for gaming one of them is Pansonite VR Headset.

Pansonite Headsets are one of the best inexpensive headsets for gaming available in market. For more information you can read the review on TechFuturae. Pansonite has created these headsets in such way that it is very comfortable and stylish. Also the sound quality in these headsets is very good and overall these are one of the best budget headsets if you want to play games on a VR Headset.

5 Best Games to Play with Pansonite VR Headsets

Now if you have bought Pansonite Headsets to play games on your smartphone, then you must be trying some Virtual Reality games. Here we have shared some of the best games that will give you the best experience while gaming  on your smartphone with your Pansonite VR Headset on.

1. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the Best VR Game to play with VR headset. It is seventh highest rated game on steam as well as this game captured a huge audience and helped them to understand how virtual reality actually works. Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where the player slashes blocks representing musical beats with VR motion controllers. There are two colours of block and two of sabers and each saber slashes the same colour block.

When we played the game on our Pansonite Headsets, it took us a little time to get us to fit in, but then the experience was really good and the gameplay was very good and addictive.

 2. Transference

Transference gives you the ability to upload any ones consciousness into a digital space. Transference is all about solving puzzles and escaping horror environments and many more things. Transference switches between members of a small family. Each character has their own version of reality that populates the apartment and every character has their advantages and disadvantages.

The overall gameplay is very good and quite interesting at sometimes you might get stuck at any point but the key is to understand the condition and react according to it.

 3. Anshar online

Anshar online is a cool game where you can play alone or with your friends. There are many game modes and tons of level from loot collection to levelling up your ship the game is a lot of fun to play. The game includes more than 50 missions including assaults, space racing, PvP and many more also there are many ships which you can buy and go for battle. Playing with your friend is really good and fun.

The game offers an immersive experience which makes the game very addictive not only for the fans of space themed games but for everyone.

4. Moss

It is basically a 3d platform adventure game, with a cute muse hero, a good storyline, and nice mix of puzzles and combat. In the beginning you don’t just control your heroine from TPP but also take an action role in the adventure. Moss really puts you in action not like the other games where sometimes you just have to look at screen only. You control the gameplay with turning your head around.

Overall the experience is magical, and one of the best and most immersive game you can play on VR. The game actually creates a relationship between you and you tiny mouse character.

5. Firewall zero hour

It is one of the most popular shooting game played by millions of people. The game has two modes training and the contract mode. Training mode is basically a simple mode for the user to understand the controls and gameplay of the game in this mode there are robots spawning which comes towards you and you have to deal with them. The Contract mode is a 4v4 mode where other players also joins your team. One of the team becomes the attacker and other as a defender.

Combat in this game is really good everything feels immersive and real with many guns and attachments. All weapons have different recoil effect and sounds and different strategies too.    


So these are top 5 games you can play with your pansonite headsets and have fun. All the games listed above are the top rated games and are really addictive and have immersive gameplayes.


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