6 Best Hacking Apps for Android


With time, Android has become one of the most used OS in the world. With the increased demand of this OS, there also has been seen an increase in the hacking apps for Android OS. So if you are looking for a hacking app for Android, then I must suggest you have a look at the article given below where we have covered the best hacking apps for Android.

Best Hacking Apps for Android

So without further ado let’s get into the part where you can choose for yourself the best Hacking app for Android from the provided list.

1. Lucky Patcher

Best Hacking App for Android
Best Hacking App for Android

Who does not know of Lucky Patcher today? Every Android user might have heard this name at some point of their Android experience. If not, then are you even truly enjoying Android? Lucky Patcher is one of the most reliable and considered to be the top Hacking App for Android all over.

Being one of the most used hacking apps for Android, users can use this on a rooted or non-rooted device as well. You can hack all the in-app purchases of apps downloaded from Google Play Store. The users can get themselves infinite game resources with the help of this app.

One can easily modify the apps on their device using Lucky Patcher. You can also uninstall the built-in apps on your device that seem to be of no use. This app works on the mechanism of bypassing the Google verification check. Thus one can skip the in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher. you can also click here to know more about Lucky Patcher Apk.

2. cSploit

Best Hacking Apps for Android

Claiming to be the most absolute IT security toolkit and Featured toolkit for Android system, cSploit is a tool that looks for vulnerabilities and their exploits, enumerates local hosts, installs backdoors and many more other things like cracking WiFi password.

It indeed is one of the best options if you are looking for an Android hacking app.

3. Hackode

Another one on our list of best Android Hacking apps is the Hackode. This hacking app provides you with abilities like- MX Records, Security RSS Feed, Whois, Scanning, IP, SQL Injection, MySQL Server, DNS Lookup and a lot more.

This app can be said as a multiple tool collection for IT specialists, Penetration Testers, and Ethical hackers. This app is ideal for newbies in hacking and you do not have to risk your private information for operating here.

This app basically contains three modules which are- Security feed, Scanning, and Reconnaissance. You can surely give this app a shot.

4. AndroRAT

Best Hacking Apps for Android

AndroRAT name suggests- Android and Remote Administrative Tools.  This hacking tool comes for free of cost. It is considered to be one of the most reliable and top Android Hacking tools. Basically, this app lets you control the Android OS of your device remotely and also obtain info from the same.

You can trigger the server connection with a text or a call through this app. The android app will run as a service after booting. Hence you do not have to interact with the service. Information like location, logs, texts, contacts is collected while using this Android hacking app.

You can monitor the sated of the phone and received messaged, make calls, send messages, open URL, click pictures and a lot more.

5. zANTI

zANTI is an Android hacking app that contains many tools and used for penetration testings too. It has been developed by Zimperium. This app basically brings the Backtrack power on your device. You will find different modules like Network Mapping, Sniffing, DoS, Port Discovery, MITM, and many more over this app.

When you Login at zANTI, the complete network will be mapped and the websites will be sniffed that have been visited along with their cookies. Through this kit, the IT administrators are allowed to incite an advanced hacking system so as to recognize wicked procedures.

6. APKInspector

If you are looking for a hacking app for Android that performs reverse engineering tricks, then this is the app that you will need. You can use this app to get a deep insight into analysis functions and graphics features.

This Android hacking tool is considered to be really powerful and can get you the source code of any Android app. You can also visualize DEX code for erasing credits and license this app.

If you want to try this app, you can do so by clicking here.

Final Words

I assume you all have found the article useful in finding for yourself the best Android Hacking app. In case of any doubts or queries,  do let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Happy Androiding:-)


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