6 Best Couchtuner Alternatives You Can Use


Couchtuner was a gold mine for all the free movies and TV shows lovers out there as it was completely free to stream with limited commercials and HD quality content, but as these platform provides free content that will lead the original content creator in loss, internet authorities have become very strict to pirated content and eventually Couchtuner was dead.

Couchtuner Alternatives

Couchtuner was launched in 2010, from then it started to become popular with the free movies and TV shows it provided with no need to create an account and no limits on the movies you stream it hugely gained popularity, but due to its popularity it received many Copyrights from the original creators and even countries started to block it, so the users cannot access the site.

6 Best Couchtuner Alternatives

Don’t be sad as Couchtuner is dead! In this article we have made a list of the best alternatives and similar sites like Couchtuner, some are even better than Couchtuner with their very own app and clean user-interface. The below-mentioned sites are completely free and legal websites you can use to stream your favorite movies, animes, TV shows, sports and much more.

1. GoMovies

Go Movies

I can say GoMovies is one of the best alternatives to Couchtuner, with GoMovies you can catch up with all the latest English movies and TV shows without any registration needed and also the quality of the movies is just super fine, with most of them being in 720p to 1080p (full HD resolution)

What’s more interesting is, if you don’t find the movies or the TV show you need, you can contact them and request a movie to add through their contact form, which most of the other sites on the list lack. All in all, GoMovies is a great website to watch free movies online.

2. SnagFilms


SnagFilms is one of the more popular movies streaming site and arguably the best alternative to Couchtuner, SnagFilms has a pretty good collection of all the latest and greatest Hollywood movies and TV series in HD quality for completely free and no need to create an account to watch it! It has a pretty similar user interface like Netflix.

The thing I like the most in SnagFilms is that, although it offers movies and TV shows for free, it has little to no advertisements, so you can watch your favorite show peacefully without getting disturbed by the annoying commercials and before you watch any particular movies or TV show, it will display a brief introduction to that particular shows with the ratings built right in!

3. PopcornFlix


PopcornFlix lets you watch Movies, TV shows, Directories for completely free without even need of creating an account, but then creating an account which takes less than a minute will give unlock more features like adding a particular movie or TV show to wishlist and more, just like SnagFilms it has little to no annoying commercials.

It has a very good collection of movies from different categories and genres like drama, horror, action, most popular and more recent. While watching any particular movie it may give you an error saying “this video is not available in your country” to fix this, just use a VPN and change your location via VPN, but then it rarely happens.

4. Viewster


Viewster is more of an anime streaming site, but it also a kinda good collection of movies and TV shows in various categories like sci-fi, action, horror, drama, documentary and much more. Just like PopcornFlix, it allows you to watch movies, anime, TV shows for completely free and without even a need for creating an account, while you will unlock many features like add movies to the favorite list by creating an account which takes less than a min.

You can sort the shows like, most viewed, most rated, most recent, and random. While watching any particular shows you have the ability to set the quality of the video, most of the shows on Viewster are on Full HD quality, the best part is you can even enjoy watching your favorite show with the convenience of your phone as they have their very own app for both Android and iOS platform, So happy watching!

5. TubiTV


TubiTV is free movies and TV shows streaming site, that has the even better look and feels than the premium paid services, it has all the latest movies and the TV shows filed under most recent category and even has a category for the movies and TV shows that will become unavailable in the near future.

Although, watching any particular movies or TV shows is completely free on TubiTV with very little commercials here and there you need to have an account with them, creating it doesn’t take more than 60 seconds, so that’s not a problem. With TubiTV you can stream anywhere it may be on your phone, Chromecast, Apple TV and much more they have apps for all of them!



VUDU is relatively a new website to watch movies and TV shows and it is completely free with limited commercials and most of the shows listed on their site are in Full HD quality with full-length movies, no cuts here!

You need to have VUDU account to stream movies on their site, it is totally worth creating an account. Not only movies, it has a pretty good collection of TV series, deals and more, their website is categorized neatly with a tiny search bar at the top and top pics, most recent, new trailers listed below. All in all, VUDU is a great alternative and a similar site to Couchtuner.


That is all it! Now go ahead and grab a popcorn sit with your family or friends and start enjoying the latest movies for free! These are the best free alternatives/similar sites like Couchtuner with a neat and clean user interface, little to no commercials, HD quality, and some sites even have apps. Let me know which was your favorite Couchtuner similar site in the comment section below.


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