How to Disable Laptop Keyboard? 5 Easy Methods!


The other day while I was having my Coke, I accidentally spilled it on my HP laptop and guess what? My laptop started to act like an idiot and was pressing random buttons, so I thought of disabling laptop keyboard and just use an external keyboard untill I get it replaced, so here is a neat little guide on disabling your laptop keyboard.

Disable Laptop Keyboard

There might be many reasons for which you are looking to disable your laptop keyboard like, you have decided to remove and clean up your laptop keyboard and then there is some urgent work that needs to be done or you are watching anime or sports on your laptop with your child, and he starts pressing random buttons on the keyboard which will interrupt the video, that is where disabling your laptop keyboard will come into picture.

1. Disable Keyboard Driver

This method will be the easiest and the quickest one as it is just to go to the device manager and uninstalling the keyboard driver, then after you have uninstalled the driver you will laptop keyboard driver will stop working immediately, but hey! don’t worry once you have fixed your laptop’s keyboard or replaced it you can easily enable it with few clicks.

Step 1 – Head over to device manager on your laptop by press Windows + R key together, as you click it will open up a run command in the bottom left, where you need to add this type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter.

Searching for devmgmt

Step 2 – Once you are in the device manager, click the drop-down menu in the Keyboards option and then select and right click on the keyboard (for me its Standard PS/2 Keyboard) and click on Uninstall device.

Uninstalling Keyboard Driver

That’s it your keyboard now will not be functional, If your laptop gives you the warning to restart for the settings to take change do not restart as you restart the keyboard will be active again, as restarting will install the disable/uninstalled drivers.

Also, every time you restart your computer, your laptop keyboard will be active again so this is not the permanent method.

2. Anti-Shaya


This method will be an easier one for the non-techy folks out there, as by pressing few keys will disable your laptop keyboard by a software.

Anti-Shaya is a small little free tool that will help you in locking your laptop keyboard temporarily and its portable that means you can use it on any version of Windows with ease and the best part is you don’t even need to install this software, it will just run from the .exe file you downloaded.

Using Anti-Shaya is pretty simple and straightforward, click on the .exe file you downloaded and it will open up the software, in there click on Lock, after that it will ask you to add a passcode after entering the passcode, you are done, it will disable your laptop keyboard instantly, and to enable back you just need to click on the Anti-Shaya icon and enter in your password from the disabled keyboard, that’s it.

3. KeyboardLock

Just like Anti-Shaya KeyboardLock is an easy to use tiny little tool with which you can disable your laptop keyboard and also mouse with a click of a button and also you can disable only keyboard or only mouse or even both of them with a password protected lock.

Once you have downloaded the software, open it up and enter in the passcode you would wish to use and click on the start button, depending upon what you have selected wheater to disable mouse or keyboard, it will disable it instantly and to enable it again hover your mouse over the software icon and in the password from your disabled keyboard (Yes, the disabled keyboard will work) after that your laptop keyboard will be up and running!

4. Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner

Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner

Keyboard and Mouse cleaner is a lightweight software for Windows with a goal of blocking keyboard and mouse for a period of time you have mentioned or temporarily block it untill you enable it back, just Anti-Shaya this software is also a portable one, that means it will work on any versions of the Windows you through at it.

As you download it, open it by double-clicking on it and you will be greeted with a welcome screen with few buttons to use the software and also it has an option wherein you can set an amount of time for your laptop keyboard to be blocked, all in all, a great little simple to use software that gets the job done!

5. KeyFreeze


KeyFreeze is a free to use Windows software that will help you to disable laptop keyboard or mouse with a click of a button and without locking your screen.

Just download their software from the link above and click on lock keyboard and mouse, then after it will instantly make your keyboard and mouse unusable and to bring back keyboard and mouse to working condition you need to press ctrl + alt + del simultaneously on the keyboard you have disabled and click esc then your keyboard and mouse will be back to life.

But there is a problem with this software, that is you can’t disable only the keyboard or only the mouse, clicking disables button on their software will disable both on them, which is the only drawback.


So these were the 5 quick tips to disable your laptop keyboard with ease, replacing the keyboard, cleaning up the keyboard or your toddler pressing random keys while you are working in these situations disabling keyboard on Windows will be the right choice and with the software, we mentioned above, will make it easier to disable!

Let me know if you know any other methods and also which software worked for you in the comment section below! If this article was helpful for you, how about a quick share?


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