8 Ways to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet (Easily)


The thing that gets me very annoyed while using a computer is, sudden lose internet connection while I am working on an important work, this thing happened to me a few weeks ago, while I was trying to load a site Chrome browser displayed an error saying DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET and I was frustrated, as they say, every problem has a creative solution, here I made a guide on fixing the error of DNS probe finished no internet with the best of my knowledge.


For me, the 2nd method worked like a charm, which is to flush DNS cache stored on your computer, but a lot of users online have said the changing their DNS service from automatic to a well know one like Google DNS or Cloudflare has fixed their issue, so try the methods mentioned below and let me know which method worked for you in the comment section below.

1. Reset Winsock

Just using a line of command in command prompt could fix the issue of DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET with ease, as you enter the command your computer will reset Winsock (which controls and handles the input and output requests for browsers or any other internet applications) to the default settings, by resolving all the technical problems you might be facing.

To get started with the command, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1 – You need to open up command prompt first, to do that press Windows + R key simultaneously and type CMD and press the enter key.

Searching CMD

Step 2 – As you press the enter key, it will open up the command prompt in a new window, where you need to type netsh winsock reset and press the enter key on your keyboard.

netsh winsock reset

After you click enter, it will reset the Winsock Catalog instantly and it will give you a message saying it has been reset in the command prompt window then just restart your computer and your internet connection should be working fine.

2. Flush DNS Cache

Popular browser these days use a pretty good technique to speed up the website you are visiting by storing a cached version of the websites you visit, what it does it whenever you visit the same website again it will load up the cache file which it has stored by making browsing faster, but you know sometimes it fails as cache stored will be corrupted and might give you DNS probe finished no internet error, follow the simple step outlined below to flush DNS, which means to clear or reset DNS.

It is just like the steps we did in step 1, but here need to enter a different command in command prompt and hit enter.

Step 1 – Go to the command prompt by pressing Windows and R key together and type in CMD and hit enter on your keyboard.

Searching CMD

Step 2 – In command prompt (which will be opened in a new window) type ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter, after that your computer will clear all the DNS cache it has stored.

CMD Command to Flush DNS

Once flushing DNS is done, restart your preferred browser and see if the site you were trying to reach is loading, if you are a Mac user you can follow this guide to flush DNS.

3. Switch to Google DNS

A lot of users online said that changing DNS to Google DNS will resolve the issue of DNS probe finished no internet on Windows PC and changing DNS is quite easy too, basically, when you use the broadband or the WiFi service your internet service provider give you DNS will be set to get DNS settings automatically, but the DNS settings your ISP gives you might not be fast and sometimes may get corrupted and give you an error saying DNS probe finished no internet.

Using a third party DNS provides like Google, OpenDNS or even Cloudflare will give you a faster browsing experience and a safer browser experience and they are always up and running. In this method I will show you how you can switch to Google DNS, I chose Google here because it gave me a faster browsing time compared to the other two.

Step 1 – Go to Windows network settings by pressing Windows + R key simultaneously on your keyboard, then type ncpa.cpl and hit the enter key on your keyboard.

Searching ncpa

Step 2 – As you press enter, your computer will open up network settings, there you need to right click on the network you are using, for me its a WiFi network and click on the properties.

Right Click WiFi Properties

Step 3 – Then after it will open up the particular network settings, where you need to right-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 and click properties.

Selecting Internet Protocol Version 4 Properties

Step 4 – Here you need to select use the following DNS server addresses, and type in the DNS server outlined below.

  • Preferred DNS server:
  • Alternate DNS server:

Google DNS Settings

Once that’s done, click on Ok to save the settings you just made and restart your browser, now your internet should be working fine and a little bit faster.

4. Clear Chrome DNS Cache

If you have tried command prompt and cleared your DNS cache but still you are getting the error, it might be because DNS cache stored on Chrome might not be cleared and be causing the error DNS probe no internet, to clear DNS cache of Chrome, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Type chrome://net-internals/#dns on your Chrome browser and hit the enter key.

Step 2 – Chrome will open DNS cache settings on a new tab, there just click on clear host cache button and restart your browser.

Clear Chrome DNS Cache

You can also flush DNS cache of your Chrome browser using the extension, install this extension from Chrome web store and click the flush DNS button, as you are using an extension you don’t need to visit any URL and clear DNS manually, this tiny little extension will flush DNS for you automatically.

5. Release and Renew IP Address

Another reason that might be causing DNS probe finished no internet is an IP address conflict, here is this method we will be releasing our old IP address which we have and renewing it with a new one which will fix most of the IP conflicts issue, and we can do this all with just 2 lines of code in command prompt and it works on every version of Windows.

Step 1 – Go to the command prompt by clicking Windows + R key together and when the run window pops up type CMD and hit enter.

Searching CMD

Step 2 – Once you are in command prompt type ipconfig /release and hit enter in your keyboard.

ipconfig release

As you hit enter the command starts to run, after it has completed it will show IP address as as you have just released IP address from your computer, at this stage, your internet connection will stop working.

Now that we have cleared out old IP address, we need to get a new one to get internet on the computer up and running, to do that follow the next step.

Step 3 – Now you need to type ipconfig /renew in the command prompt and hit enter, which will get you a new IP address.

ipconfig renew

Once you type the command and hit enter, the command process will be completed in a while and as it displays a new IP address it means command has been completed successfully and new IP address has assigned.

6. Update Wireless Drivers

If you have tried all the steps mentioned above and still facing the issue of DNS probe no internet, updating your wireless driver from Windows device manager could fix the issue, this happens mostly is the older version of Windows computers as they will have old and outdated drivers and the newer Windows computer will come pre-built with newer versions of wireless drivers, follow the steps mentioned below to update your wireless driver.

Step 1 – Head over to Windows device manager by pressing Windows + R key together, which will bring up the run window, where you need type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.

Searching for devmgmt

Step 2 – As you hit enter key it will open up device manager, where you need to find network adapters and click on the tiny arrow which is present just left side, clicking it will open up a further list of options, in the list of options right click on the network you are using, in my case its the WiFi network and then click on update driver.

Uninstall Network Adapters

Step 3 – As you click update driver, it opens up a popup click on browse my computer for driver software, as you don’t have the internet connection to check driver software automatically online.

Update Wireless Drivers Manually

To download the network software, search up WiFi driver (for WiFi adapter driver) or WLAN driver (for WLAN cable connection) your computer manufacturer will have the file hosted, so go to your the official website of your computer manufacturer and download the driver file and select the file in the browse my computer for driver option, and proceed with the steps.

If you can connect to the internet, you can use a driver updater software like driver booster and the software will do the hard work for you in download and installing the latest driver from the official website of your computer manufacturer automatically.

7. Reinstall Browser

Try access internet from a preinstalled browser like Microsoft Edge, if you are able to access the internet there, that means the browser where you can access the internet has some issues, first off try clearing cache on your browser by going history and clear history then restart your browser.

If clearing cache and restarting the browser didn’t help you, then the last option for you is just to uninstall and install your browser, if you are using Chrome, after reinstalling your browser just log in with the Google email address and the password you used earlier and give it some time to sync, then after your bookmarks, saved websites, extensions you have installed will be installed again automatically!

8. Disable Web Protection

This could happen very rare, but the anti-virus software you use might get corrupted and be blocking the internet connection on your computer, so go to settings of the anti-virus you are using and disable web protection for a while and check if the internet is working fine, if it’s working, install a new anti-virus or reinstall it.

Also, I recently observed that some anti-virus will automatically add web protection add-on or extension to your browser and makes your browsing experience slower and they might be causing the error of DNS probe finished no internet, so be sure to review the extensions you have installed on your browser and uninstall if you find any suspicious extensions.


That is all it! These were all the solutions and the fixes for solving DNS probe finished no internet error in Windows computer if you know any other solution that is not mentioned, be sure to comment it down below.

The first 3 methods mentioned above will most likely to fix the issue, but in case if it didn’t you can try the next methods, also if you like to know more detailed step by step guide and also more methods on fixing the issue, you may have a look at a guide that I made for connected to WiFi but no internet access.


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