5 Sites to Make Free Calls Online without Registration


These days technology has improved so much that we could make free calls online from a browser that too without registration, isn’t this awesome? Gone are the days when we used to pay a truckload of money to make calls from one place to another, but now it has become so much cheaper, at least here in India.

Free Calls Online

Sure talking to your relative or a friend on a proper mobile phone is more convenient, but what will you do when you don’t have access to mobile and just left with a computer and need to make a call, that is where these sites and apps for making free calls online will come into the picture.

Free Calls Online without Registration

Below are some of the best websites and apps that will give you the ability to make free calls online from your computer browser itself, do note that most of the sites will require you to have the latest version of your browser and you need to allow these sites to use your microphone to make calls online.

1. CitrusTel


CitrusTel provides you calling to any number that you desire for completely free and no registration needed and also you don’t need to download any special software to make calling, although this call will not be unlimited one it will give you like 2 minutes per day and 2 calls per day, so if you need to talk to a person who is staying outside of your country for a little duration then CitrusTel is a goldmine for you.

CitrusTel uses VOIP (voice over internet protocol) that works within your browser itself and they have partnered with over 2000 telecom operators worldwide for providing free calls online, currently this site for making free calls without registration is supported by latest version of Chrome and Opera browsers as most of the users like 60% of the internet users use Chrome browser, that should not be a problem.

Using CitrusTel for making free international calls online without registering is pretty easy, just open up their site by click the link above then at the right hand side you will find a dialer wherein you need to select the country of the person with whom you need to talk and then enter in their phone number and press the green coloured calling button, that is all it!

2. SpyTox


SpyTox is relatively a new website to make free calls online without registration, not only calls but also you can send SMS, check the status of the message you have sent, lookup a person’s details using their phone number, name, and email address just like Truecaller for completely free.

Just like CitrusTel here also calls are limited to 2 minutes and 2 calls per day, which we cannot complain as they are putting their efforts in providing us the ability to make free calls via browser without creating an account and also free SMS online, when I tried making calls it worked 70% of the time and to get the website running to make calls, it will take a bit of time so wait patiently untill it completely loads.

To make calls using SpyTox, select call option in a virtual phone display on their site and select the country of the person you are trying to reach then enter the phone number and click on call, then after your call will be connected in seconds, if you need to make more calls then use the sharing button and share their site which in turn will give you free calling credits.

And the free people lookup feature of this website is pretty interesting, just enter in a person’s phone number, email address or the person’s name itself and then click enter, later SpyTox will search its database for complete information regarding that person including their address, which is pretty cool.

3. PopTox


PopTox is like a sister website to SpyTox, that provides you with free international calling online but when I tried to call an Indian phone number it gave me a warning that for calling to Indian phone use SpyTox, so I guess there are many countries where PopTox doesn’t work but SpyTox does.

PopTox is really simple to use, just head over to their website and select the country of the person whom you are calling and enter their number and click the green call button, then after PopTox will ring up the person you have called and you speak to the person through your browser, for 2 minutes a day and only 2 calls a day.

If you need to extend 2 minutes mark, you can recharge your account with the cheapest rates available and recharge your account will unlock you more feature like call recording, easy refunds, and customer service.

4. Zlookup


The looks and user interface of Zlookup is a lot, in fact, same like SpyTox and it functions like in the same way too, just like SpyTox you can send SMS, free calls online without registration, lookup person’s details using his phone number, email address or even the person’s name itself.

When you visit their website, you will see a virtual phone in that select call option which is present at the very right side and then select the country where you are calling and enter in the phone number lastly click on call button to ring up the person and talk!

If you just got a call from a scammer and you need to know full information regarding him then Zlookup got you cover, you just need to enter the person’s phone number in the lookup tab and press name lookup but this time it will only show the person’s name and the sim card after the lookup is completed it will give you an option to search up the person’s full details like address, public information and more.

5. Call2Friends


Call2Friends is a pretty old site and it has been in free online calling field for a longer amount of time and this is the only free calls website on this list that has an app for mobile users for both Android and iOS which will be more convenient for mobile users to make calls online for free.

Currently, Call2Friends is only available in the latest version of Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with no need of any extra plugins to work and when I compared this site with others on this list I found that Call2Friends has a lower quality of voice and it has 3 minutes and 2 calls per day, a minute more than others.

When you install their app they will give you some initial credits for making calls while credits are used for making calls, to get more credits you need to complete the tasks like filling up surveys, trying out new apps and games and completing many more tasks from their partners will reward you with free credits.


While these sites will give you the ability to make free calls online without registration, make good use of it just not pranking your friends, a call from India to the United States will rip off so much of amount from my recharge balance, these sites and app will give you a limited time talking for free that too from your browser.

If you ask me which is the best, I would pick SpyTox and Zlookup while I tried making calls from Call2Friends and CitrusTel it just won’t connect me to the person whom I was calling, it worked like only 60-70% of the time I used it and SpyTox, on the other hand, worked like a charm every time I used it + it has more featured like person lookup, send SMS and much more.

If you have any titles that worth the mention and also let me know which if your favorite website and app to make free calls online without registration in the comment section below.


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