How to get Free Robux for Roblox? 11 Easy Methods!


Roblox is one of the more popular online gaming platform which attracts more than 48 million active players around the world! It has been gaining popularity since its launch in 2006 and it had huge success in a short period of time, at first, it was just another online gaming portal but now it has expanded to Xbox one, mobile devices and recently even virtual reality.

Free Robux

While you play the game, you will feel that the graphics and the look and feel of the game will pretty much be the same as Minecraft and the currency used in the game is called as “Robux” with which you can purchase in-game customization, upgrading tools, acquiring features and much more but, getting Robux is pretty hard so that is where we come into play! You have probably tired of searching how to get free Robux this and that and none of them work actually, so here I will be sharing some legit ways to get free Robux in simple steps, Keep Scrolling!

Why You Need Free Robux Codes?

If you are an avid game lover and active participant, then you obviously understand the hassles while playing games as you need to unlock characteristics and resources on the way to achieve and play various games levels.

Yes! Most of the gamers have the curiosity to complete the hard levels of the game, however, they cannot upgrade to next level of the game without using the Robux currency and they get frustrated in clearing the hard levels. So, many of them search on the internet for free Robux codes, Robux generators and most of the websites claim to have Robux generators – but they are completely fake and there are only a few ways by which you can get endless Robux in the game. Here, we will share some effective methods of how to get free Robux for Roblox.

What is Roblox Game?

Roblox is one of the biggest and most popular online game platform where a user can create, design and upload their own games. More than 15 million games have been created by the users till the date. Most of the popular games created by the users on the site include Work at a Pizza Place, Welcome to the town of Robloxia, Jailbreak, Phantom Forces, and Murder Mystery.

To start building your own game, first you need to create an account on and then you can use the Roblox Studio application. Roblox Studio application allows the users to construct with building bricks or blocks, colors, sizes, create avtar, build weaponry, musical instruments, power-ups & much more and this software resembles with Microsoft Visual Studio games on Roblox that can be scripted using a programming language called Lua.

Players can even customize their own avtar, avtar’s clothing, expression and can even make your own shirt, trousers and sell them to others on Builders Club by charging Robux. So, if you want to enjoy the game you will need more free Robux and here we will show a few legit ways on how you can earn them.

How to Get Free Robux? (Legit Ways)

There are only several know ways to get free Robux that actually works, and the free Robux generators you see on the web are just scams and fake sites, don’t fall for the trap! Follow the below mentioned methods to get Robux for completely free by doing the tasks you do everyday like searching on internet, filling up surveys, watching videos, downloading apps and much more.

1. EasyRobux

EasyRobux is one of the best legit methods to earn free Robux currency just by completing some simple tasks.

First, You need to visit the official website “” from your mobile, tablet or desktop browsers. Users will have different offers on Desktop and mobiles, but this site is mainly for mobile users and it shows more offers on mobile devices such as an iPad, iPhone, tablet, smartphone, android, etc.

Once you open the site, you will see various offers with detailed description and you need to complete the task to be rewarded with Robux.

You can see the three different offer walls and each of the tabs is categorized by different filters. You can filter or customize the category from the listed options and you can even change the language. There are different types of tasks such as Spott the difference, quiz, math skills, spelling bee, games quiz and all other interesting tasks.

Each offer varies from task type and the amount, time of credit will be stated in the description for the offer. After completing the task successfully then you can claim the Robux currency from the Claim menu of the home page.

In case if you didn’t receive any credit then first try to refresh your browser and still if it has not credited then please report the issue via the Contact link on the Support page.

2. Builder’s Club Membership

Builder's Club Membership

Builder’s club membership is just like a store where you can do some extra things like buying cosmetic items for your character, spending on items, games pass, game access etc. Although, Builder’s Club Membership is not free, but when you purchase it will make several changes and you will qualify for many rewards and will get a certain amount of Robux daily which increases with respect to your membership level.

You can also buy, sell and set your own amount for your collectibles with other members of the Builder’s Club and even you can even trade your own Robux currency to earn money quickly. You will get a notification when the user wants to purchase your collectible and you can demand your own price.

All you have to do is visit the Roblox website and decide which Builders Club Membership package you like best. There are four different categories which each offer based on the package you buy and will get more rewards as you increase the tiers. You will get a one time 100 R$ as signing bonus when you buy a tier for the first time and additionally you can earn more 400 R$ if you enter a referral username.

Let’s see the three premium membership levels and the daily Robux awards are as follows:

  • Classic Builder’s Club Membership – $5.95 per month – Receive 15 R$ Robux per day.
  • Turbo Builder’s Club Membership – $11.95 per month – Receive 35 R$ Robux per day.
  • Outrageous Builder’s Club Membership – $19.95 per month – Receive 60 R$ Robux per day.

You can also buy the annual plan which starts from $57.95 to $129.95. You can cancel the membership auto-renewal at any time before the renewal date from ‘Cancel Membership Renewal button’ on the Billing tab of the Settings page and confirm the cancellation. So, these are the basic things you need to know before joining the Builder’s Membership Club.

3. PointsPrizes


PointsPrizes is one the most popular and legal website where you can get paid with rewards and points by completing a lot of offers. You can claim these rewards and points to different gift cards, prizes and real cash.

PointsPrizes is the genuine platform where you can easily earn free Robox just by completing simple tasks, doing surveys, watching video ads, playing games, downloading apps and much more.

The points you earn can be exchanged for prizes such as Google Play codes or iTunes codes, Rixty codes to buy Robux and you can also trade your points on Builders Club Memberships, Gift Cards, PSN Codes, Free Robux and Steam Wallet Codes.

You can also redeem the codes via Google Play store or iTunes Store by installing the Robox app on your mobile devices and then by adding Robux to your account using your free Google play or iTunes card.

You can also invite your friends to join PointsPrizes to earn points and you will earn 10% commission of their earnings for a lifetime.

4. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is one of the most well-known and popular websites that pays you to search the web, complete surveys, do various tasks, and more.

Swagbucks is a virtual currency known as “Swag Bucks” or “SB” for short and 1 SB = $0.01 Worth ( a Penny). Swagbucks pays you for completing several activities on their website and all you need is an email or Facebook account for signing up on Swagbucks.

You can earn up to 300-600$ per year by doing some of the tasks like using Swagbucks Search Engine, Completing surveys, offers, Watching videos, Playing games, Shopping & earning a cashback, Answering the daily poll, Trade-In Program and by inviting your friends.

Doing all these tasks you will earn more Swagbucks, wide variety of prizes and you can redeem them for gift cards such as free steam wallet codes, free Google play codes, Rixty eGift cards, Amazon, eBay, iTunes & many more.

You can redeem your Swagbucks points with $25 worth Rixty eGift card. So, you need around 2,200 SB points (12% discount) to buy a $25 Rixty eGift card and then you can use it as in-game currencies via Builders Club and get that Robux.

5. Rixty


Rixty is a virtual currency that lets the players spend on online games, virtual worlds, and other digital content. Rixty codes are used for over thousands of online games, mobile games etc. and you can spend them on some of the famous games like World of Tanks, Warframe, CrossFire, ArcheAge & Aeria Games and also on Roblox.

You can earn free Rixty codes from some of the sites like PointsPrizes, Swagbucks and by few points sites. Rixty codes can be easily earned by doing some of the tasks such as newsletter sign-ups, completing short surveys, downloads or any other offers and these points will be emailed to you.

You can exchange these points for Rixty codes and then it can be redeemed from the section of claim within the game. And the codes they offer are genuine, so you don’t need to worry about the codes been already claimed by others until you share with someone.

How To Claim Free Robux Using Rixty

You can get the following Robux coins by using the Rixty codes with few simple steps:

  1. First, you need to visit the official website and login to your ROBLOX account.
  2. Now, you need to select the option of ROBUX from the top menu to buy ROBUX and then click on “Upgrade Now” to buy a Builders Club subscription, then select the Rixty as the mode of payment.
  3. Now redeem your Rixty PIN and click on Redeem and if you already redeemed then click on “Have a Rixty account” and then click on continue.
  4. Now select your price point for Robux and click “Buy Now”.
  5. To check your Rixty account balance, you need to login to the Rixty account into which you redeemed your Rixty PIN. You can also add funds by clicking on Payment method by following the prompts.

So, that’s it! By using Rixty codes to get free Robux for Roblox, you can also make direct payment from your Rixty account and you can use them as direct payments.

6. Get Free Google Play Codes

Free Google Play Codes

We all know that Google Play Store is one of the largest online applications platforms for Android users where you can download millions of games, apps, puzzles, movies, videos and much more. You can see most of the apps for free of cost and some of the apps are paid which are premium versions where you need to pay from your pocket.

So, some of the genuine sites like PointsPrizes, Swagbucks, FeaturePoints, Google Opinion Rewards, Gift Box etc. provides free Google Play Codes by doing some simple tasks like completing surveys, subscribing to websites, Watching videos & ads and so on.

What you might not know is that, the free Google credits you earn can be redeemed for purchasing and customizing stuff in Roblox game, you can check out the redeeming guide on the official website of Roblox, and also if you are looking for free Steam credits, then check out guide on getting free Steam wallet codes.

7. Sell On Builder’s Club

Sell On Builder’s Club

In Builder’s Club you can earn a daily Robux stipend and also you have an access to trading and sales features. So, if you have good skills in builder or scriptwriter, then you can quickly earn more money by trading your skills or creations in a set time period.

One of the best places to trade and sell your skills is on the Group Recruiting Pizza and you can even set your own price and it will notify you when the user wants to purchase your item.

On the Group Recruiting Club, you can easily trade the items and even you can get more Robux currency of R$ 2000 for making a good script or cafe for other players. So, it’s one of the best methods to earn free Robux by attracting the customers with less price.

8. Oprewards


Oprewards is another legitimate way to earn unlimited free Robux by doing some simple tasks. Oprewards is the only site which purchases the Robux officially for the users and deposit into user ROBLOX account through group payouts without asking your ROBLOX account password.

First, you need to create an account by giving your email address and you will get 5 points as a signup bonus. Then you need to download some apps, complete surveys, watch videos and other work to get unlimited free Robux for Roblox.

You can refer your friends by copying your referral link from the referrals page and share with your friends. You will earn the percentage from your friend’s points for a lifetime.

You can redeem the points or you can buy Robux games or you can even cash out these points for either virtual game goods, or even real money.

9. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel is one of the legitimate websites with more than 7 million members that provides instant rewards to customers by doing some simple tasks. This site provides more than 500 Gift Card Rewards to choose from over 100 big name brands.

This is the only site which pays the rewards to users with various payments methods like PayPal, BitCoin, and direct deposit rewards online at no extra cost.

You can earn free gift cards by completing some simple tasks like doing paid surveys, offers, and watching videos. You can also earn 20% referral points when you invite your friends using your referral link.

How to get a free $25 Robux Gift Card

  • First, you need to signup for your free PrizeRebel account by visiting official website
  • Then, you can complete the given tasks, surveys, offers and videos to earn virtual Points.
  • You can Redeem these points for Robux gift card and also on hundreds of rewards such as Gift cards, Paypal, Visa Gift Cards, Dwolla and more!

10. BloxAwards

BloxAwards is the only website which allows you to earn free Robux only on mobile devices. You can earn points by completing the offers such as by doing surveys, completing tasks, playing games, downloading apps, quizzes & much more.

There is a daily limitation of 15 offers that you must complete at any cost or your account might be suspended and you can’t withdraw points.

You can create a free account using your email address and after signing up, you are eligible to earn free Robux on completing the tasks shown on Earn page and all the offers work only on Android & iOS mobiles, tablet devices.

You can also invite your friends with your invitation link and earn 15% of referral earnings for life. You can also check the user leaderboard data on leaderboard page of the top 100 users on bloxawards with points stored on daily basis and the top three earning users are awarded 750 points every month.

Bloxawards also reward the random winners every month as a giveaway and the points you earned can be redeemed or exchanged with a Robux gift card.

11. RBX Place

RBX Place

RBX Place is pretty much similar to EasyRobux, design, look and feel, features and the redeem process is also same as EasyRobux and mainly it is the easiest way to get free Robox by completing simple and easy offers and tasks and surveys and if you are a person like me, who doesn’t like filling up surveys you can just download their partner apps and games and get rewarded.

There are also many offers like just adding a browser extension, filling up a form, download and installing apps and games for both Computer and mobile devices will reward you with the mentioned Robux dollar, how cool is that? Then after you have earned some point and free Robux, you need to click the claim button and claim your rewards instantly!

Free Robux Generator

We all knew that there are a lot of sites which claims to provide a free Robux with updated generators are usually illegal and scam. Most of the sites promise you to give free Robux generators and Robux hack tools available with no survey, but these websites are the fake and big scam as it contains a virus and asks for your Roblox credentials to get access to your accounts and even rob your money.

Many of the sites are full of malware & malicious content and they try to send you in a loop of redirecting URLs containing spammy ads, that will be automatically downloaded on your computer and start stealing your data without your consent.

Coming to Robux hack tools, there are no such methods or tool or any software to hack into Roblux database as it is not easy to bypass security and the firewall of any server. However, if someone really managed to hack their Roblox database server and started offering free Robux to everyone, the company would notice and shut down the game within minutes and will update their security in no time.

So, it is important that you go only for the legit options on how to get free Robux to avoid compromising your security.

Steps to Avoid Robux Generator & Hack Tools Site Scams

  • Enable the two-step verification of your account by visiting account settings and then by clicking on Security to enable the feature in your Roblox game.
  • Always use a strong password with a mixture of symbols, uppercase & lowercase letters and numbers with a minimum length of 12 to 14 characters.
  • Whenever you log into your account on public devices, please make sure to log off as the person that comes after you can access your account.
  • Avoid downloading a software or a program from malicious sites and ignore downloading the files with (.exe file).
  • Logging into a pop up is very dangerous and even on an official Robux page with a sudden popup or in-game UI asking for your login information should be ignored.
  • Always recognize the Phishing & Scam Sites claiming free Robux generators, because these sites are made only to hack and steal your account details. If you found such websites, you can report to the Roblox Community.
  • Don’t share your username and password even with your close friends.


That is all it folks! These were some of the legit ways which will answer your question for how to get free Robux for Roblox, by following the steps mentioned above you will be able to easily get free Robux that too by doing the daily internet tasks you already do!

There are many fake & scam websites who try to fool people with their design of the website that looks similar to official Roblox website, which could, in turn, lead your computer or mobile devices infected with trojans and malware.

And kindly note that there is no such thing as a Robux generator, in fact, all are just scam who steal the user information and money. So we suggest you don’t waste your time on unreliable Robux hacks & generators, and it is better to follow only the legitimate sites.


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