How to Enable/Disable DND mode in GBWhatsapp?


The GBWhatsapp modded version comes with a lot of great features and configuration to give the user an all-new user interface in comparison to WhatsApp messenger. The WhatsApp has been the best messenger in the market since years that no other messenger can compete it.

The GBWhatsapp mod has so many new features that make you love this app like – DND mode and many other features. This mode actually stands for Do Not Disturb, whenever you switch this mode on, you will stop receiving chats notification, messages from senders, unable to send and receive any messages. Altogether you will be offline from the messenger and you won’t be shown online to the other side any longer up until you turn the DND mode enable again.

I know, you are here to know all about enabling and disabling DND mode is GBWhatsapp, because sometimes you get irritated with the continuous message from other when you get online by turning on the mobile data for doing your important stuff over internet and it hurts most when you are playing your favourite game like PUBG where you are about to get the winner-winner chicken dinner, but that one pop up notification over your screen ruins everything. You can download WhatsApp GB for Android from here.

Enabling and disabling DND mode in GBWhatsapp

Enabling DND mode is so much helpful tool for those who get busy sometimes for their important work and don’t want to get unwanted messages in groups and chat notifications from WhatsApp messenger. If on off chance your GBWhatsapp has no DND mode showing on the top middle of the screen then you need to upgrade your app to the latest update before.

Below down is are the easy and simple steps which we have shared for you to learn about how to enable or disable DND mode in GBWhatsapp, so without wasting more time we should start with the steps.

Steps to Enable or Disable DND mode in GBWhatsapp      

Before starting with DND mode you must keep in mind that enabling DND mode will make you “offline” from the WhatsApp.

  • If you haven’t installed GBWhatsapp on your phone, then go to the google and search for it and download from any website.
  • After installing you have to verify your number as you did in official WhatsApp.
  • After making you id open the GBWhatsapp and you will see a Wi-Fi-like icon on the top middle of the screen.
  • That icon is actually DND mode button, you need to tap on that.
  • You will see a confirmation message for enabling the DND, you have to tap ok.
  • You have successfully enabled the DND mode in GBWhatsapp. Now it will show offline.
  • For disabling the DND mode you simply need to click on that Wi-Fi like DND button to turn it off and get your messenger online. 


Finally, we have told you everything about enabling or disabling DND mode in GBWhatsapp and we hope that you have loved the article reading and find it useful for your queries related to DND mode in GBWhatsapp and enabling/disabling it.

At last, we would like to thank you for visiting us and don’t forget to comment if you have any difficulty regarding the steps GBWhatsapp.


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