Runescape – The Best MMORPG Adventure Game?


RuneScape is one of the world most popular and fantasy based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) with more than 250 million registered accounts since launching and it is developed & published by Jagex Game Studios in the year 2001.

It is completely a browser-based free to play adventure game with new players continuously entering the world of Gelinor, learning new skills, challenging quests and many more deeper into the adventure.


The secret behind the success of RuneScape game is that it’s been continually updated with several major changes in graphics and gameplay. Now, finally, the game has been updated and named as RuneScape 3, which is far beyond the previous numbered versions.

After 17 years of its launch, now developers are soon planning to release the RuneScape game for both Android & iOS devices. You can see the below video of RuneScape mobile game which was showcased in GDC 2018.

What it is and How to Play?

RuneScape is the adventurous game that takes place in the fantasy-themed realm of Gielinor, which is further divided into several kingdoms, regions, and areas. The players have 27 different skills to reach a maximum level of 99 with a minimum estimation of 6,000 hours and the players are given full control in deciding their playstyle with no limits on the type of character they become.

Players can choose their own avatars and set their own goals and objectives and can select which of the available activities to pursue. Players can become a warrior by slaying monsters and bosses, some non-combat skills like chopping down trees to build their own house, fishing, farming, hunting & smithing that allows the players to make money by selling their resources to other players and also helps them to interact with each other through trading and chatting.

RuneScape Versions

Players can increase their skills by reaching the levels and there is only one elite skill (level 80) which is known as invention, that allows players to break down items, gain materials & create new items in the game.

RuneScape Key Features:

  • Skills – Total 27 skills are required to reach the maximum level of 99 where a player needs to train up for a conservative estimate over 6,000 hours. The skills include Thieving, Slayer,  Construction, Farming, Hunting, and fishing.
  • RuneScape Gold – It is an in-game currency with which you can purchase various weapons and items or even trade it between players, you can purchase it at RSGoldFast.
  • Hundreds of Quests – Over 184 quests a player need to complete a multitude of stories, adventures & personalities of RuneScape and much more. If a player completes all the quests then a reward named “Quest Point Cape” can be claimed.
  • Combat – It is an important aspect of games which allows the players to defeat the monsters, bosses, and enemies. Combat is categorized into three levels such as melee, magic and ranged. Each combatant has a maximum capacity of health points, and the player dies when it is depleted to 0.
  • Socializing – RuneScape has the largest community and set of forums provided by Jagex on its official website. It helps the players interacting and creating an enjoyable experience with each other in the form of chats over Skype, Discord, and other Voice over IP services.
  • Open World – RuneScape has the larger world to explore new kingdoms, regions with sprawling environments that takes place in the fantasy-themed realm of Gielinor, where a player needs to travel throughout the gaming world on foot or by magical transportation.


RuneScape is almost a 17 years old game which is stronger than ever and their fanbase returning more and more frequently. In fact, RuneScape is my all time favorite open-world game and it has been developed a lot by its constant updates all these years. As it is an open world game, it doesn’t seem to be violence compared to other games like Grand Theft where the player goes out and jacking cars and killing cops just like people do it in real life.

Overall, I personally enjoy playing this game as I see it as a very friendly game for all ages with some fun, educational, and a pretty great game. This game is little addictive for children’s and it has some gambling options which charges real money with a limit of spending $200 per day. So, if you don’t want your child begging you for a credit card, then I would recommend this game to anyone above 18+.


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