How to See Saved WiFi Password on Android Without Root


Day by Day technology has been increasing and according to a recent survey, 72% of the people in the world are addicted to their Smartphones. Yes Probably, You Need To Accept it! Now we are in the era where humans can survive without food for up to 3 Weeks but they can’t even handle a day without a smartphone.

See Saved WiFi Password on Android Without Root

As using the smartphones increased, though we are unable to use proper mobile internet connection, we try to switch On/Off data several times and absolutely we get frustrated. So most of the people in the World are using Wi-Fi for a stable connection. Some people who cannot afford, they borrow their neighbor’s or friends Wi-Fi and get it connected to smartphones.

Yes, As we all are humans, Our brain is already loaded with tons of information and its hard to remember hundreds of passwords and it feels annoying to ask the password again and again to your neighbors. So, in today’s article, we are going to share the three easy tricks from which you can See Saved WiFi Password on Android Without Rooting the mobile.

How to See Saved WiFi Password on Android Without Root

On Android Play Store, there are tons of applications available like Wifi Password Show, WPS Tester, Wifi Password recovery, Wifi Password Viewer and many more and without thinking a second we just download their app just by attracting their logo and description, but most of them are fake & unauthorised and some of the apps probably requires the root access.  So we request you to not waste your time on these fake apps and honestly, in this article we provided the best methods to find your Wi-Fi passwords without rooting your mobile.

Method 1: Using “Router Setup Page” App

Most of the people don’t know this trick, but it is one of the easiest ways to find WiFi Password on your Android mobile without any hassle. We have tried this trick personally and it worked successfully for almost every router modems. If you are using a wireless router (Home WiFi Network) then you can easily find your password with these simple tricks. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First you need to download “Router Setup Page” available on Android Play Store and then install it.

Router Setup Page

Step 2: After opening the app you can see the router login details of the respective modem in the screen (This app will automatically detect your modem type).

Step 3: Now tap on “Press to Update IP” and you can see the IP Address i.e, or any.

Press to Update IP

Step 4: And then you need to note the User and Password details shown below and click on “Open Router Page“.

Step 5: Then the IP Adress will be opened on your Android Browser/Chrome Browser asking for Username & Password. Enter the Username & Password which you have seen in the app.

Router Setup Page login

Step 6: Many options will be displayed, ignore all these and just click on “Wireless” and then click on “Wireless Security”. That’s it! Now you can see the Password details and just copy it and share with your friends.

Router Setup Page wireless security

In the same manner, you can manually visit by typing” or “ in any Android Web Browser and you can enter the Username and Password as most of the default Username & Passwords would be:

User: admin

Password: admin or password

Method 2: Using Share WiFi Network

Among all these previous methods, this is the easiest way to find your WiFI passwords on your Android mobile without downloading any app. Most of the new Android devices in the market has this new advanced feature and many of the users don’t know this trick. So today we are going to share this easiest method and I have personally used this trick on my Redmi device & it works other devices too. So let’s see it:

Step 1: First, you need to tap on settings and then click on Wi-Fi option in your mobile.


Step 2: Then You need to select your connected WiFi network and click on it. A QR Code will be displayed and you can scan the code using any QR Code Reader available on Google Play Store or you can simply take a snapshot of that QR code and transfer it to your laptop or PC and then scan using your own Device.


So that’s it! you have done it successfully. We have shown all the possible methods to find your lost WiFi passwords on your Android devices.

See Saved WiFi Password on Android With Root

If you have a rooted Phone, then seeing saved WiFi password is hell easier, Follow these simple steps given below and you can find your WiFi password just in 45 Seconds:

Step 1: First, Go to Play Store in your Android mobile and download ES File Explorer app and install it.

ES File Explorer

Step 2: After installing the ES File Explorer app, click on top left menu, you will see the various options and then just enable the Root Explorer option shown in below image.

ES File Explorer root

Step 3: After enabling, You need to click on the Local option and then on Device.

ES File Explorer device

Step 4: A list of folders will be displayed and you need to find a directory called /data.

ES File Explorer data

Step 5: After finding the data folder again you need to find a /misc folder.

ES File Explorer misc

Step 6: Last but not least, you need to find a file with name /wpa_supplicant.conf.

ES File Explorer wpa

Step 7: You need to open the file with any text editor, here we opened it with ES Note Editor.

ES File Explorer editor

Step 8: Finally, after opening the file a list of your saved Wifi network username & passwords will be shown in the form of SSID (Network Name) and PSK (Wifi Password).

ES File Explorer wifi password

That’s it! You have done it and thus you can view all your saved Wifi passwords with rooting your mobile.


Here in this article, we have shown you all the best possible methods and I hope that this post is quite helpful to find your lost WiFi passwords on your Android phone. So please we honestly recommend you to not root your smartphones, because you will lose your warranty and you will suffer in the long run. You can use the above methods which we have mentioned and still if you face any problem or have any doubts then you can leave a comment below and please don’t forget to share this tricks with your friends.


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