40 Best Sports Streaming Sites to Watch Sports Online


Being an avid sports lover and enthusiastic fan, you know how sports play an important role in consolidating the country’s strength, prestige, and honor. We feel the sports as a national dignity and pride which represents our country to the entire people in the world.

Sports Streaming Sites

Mostly, the people are eager to watch their favorite sports match live, but when it comes to practical, it is impossible to attend all these events. First of all, Watching these live events at the stadium & various sports arenas costs money and tickets are very expensive. Secondly, you can’t get the exact view of the match to enjoy the game, and it is quite difficult to see what’s happening on the field. Sometimes, People don’t get much time to sit and watch the sports on Television too.

Nowadays, most of the people are addicted to the internet as they get everything to watch on the internet and even sports too. Most of the people are tedious to watch the live stream and search on Google for the right website, but some of the sites are fake and scam, as they redirect you to multiple pages, showing ads and asks to download the app. So to avoid all these, today we are going to share the best free sports streaming sites, where you can watch your live sports match on laptop, tablets, and smartphones anywhere on the go without spending a single penny.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Below are the 40 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites right now, some sites may be blocked in your region so we request you to use any free VPN service and access the sites, there are a ton of free VPN’s available for both mobile and desktop device, for mobile you can use Turbo VPN and for desktop you can use BetterVPN which is a Chrome extension.

1. StreamSports


StreamSports.us is the most popular sports streaming site which provides almost every sport in all over the World. StreamSports is a new website which entered the streaming world recently, but within a short span of time, they have been attracted by a lot of visitors with their incredible high-quality streaming services.

You can stream all the live sports on StreamSports at free of cost and also it comes with ad-free streaming index. You can find your favorite events, watch live matches and you can even watch the highlights if you missed the live event. This site provides live streaming of all the famous sports like football, cricket, basketball, tennis, hockey, baseball, table tennis, rugby, and almost all kind of sports. This site is user-friendly and has a good design that gives you an awesome experience. So, we recommend you to consider this site to stream live sports.

2. WatchESPN


Sports giant ESPN is one of the best platform & top sports streaming site to watch live sports online. This site is quite famous for those who are interested in US Sports. ESPN had partnered with many TV providers in the US to stream live matches to users for free of cost.  This site has decent UI and free from all annoying pop-up ads.

On WatchESPN, you can watch all the live sports events like Golf, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket and other sports videos as well with high definition quality. Moreover, you can also watch live matches on your smartphone by downloading the official app on Android and iOS. This site is only available in some countries. However, you can use any VPN service for accessing the website.



LAOLA1.TV is the popular sports streaming site where you can watch almost every sport around the globe. This site is best for watching Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Table Tennis, badminton, etc. Additionally, you can stream other sports like motorsports, ice hockey, beach volleyball and much more. Also, you can check the schedule of all the upcoming matches and highlights of the match easily.

This site UI is user-friendly with proper arrangement of sports videos, and you can also monitor the number of live streaming sports at a specific time. It also provides a premium account to users that give access to stream the videos in HD quality and the ads are also very less compared to the free version. You can try this free sports streaming site once.

4. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch.org is one of the biggest and most popular sports streaming sites, with monthly visits of 10 million+ users. With this site, you can watch all the live sports events in HD quality. You can check the homepage for every live match which is available to watch. It provides the sports like cricket, baseball, football, wrestling, tennis for completely free.

The only drawback of this website is that it has annoying pop-up ads which seems irritating to the users while visiting the site. The best part of this website is that it has multiple mirrors for each of the available streaming.  So that in case of any mirror doesn’t work then you can try another mirror.

5. VIP League

VIP League

VIPLeague.tv is one of the best websites for avid sports lovers which streams the live sports for free. You can watch many sports live like cricket, hockey, football, Nascar, cyclic and much more. This site is also available in languages like Francis, Deutsch, and other seven more languages.

This site provides one of the best features that you can change the site’s theme according to your taste and can change the timezone of your location as well. You can also check out a lot of sports like formula 1, baseball, Motorsports, MotoGP and many other sports easily. However, this website has only one drawback, that may not be accessible from all countries. So, in such cases, you need to use the VPN services.

6. FromHot


FromHot.com is a free live streaming sports site available on the internet where you can watch hockey, tennis, football, baseball, golf, cycling, motorsports, basketball etc. On the homepage, you can see all the live sports, and you can search your favorite sports by scrolling down. You can stream all the live sports events without spending a single penny.

FromHot also provides the chat widget tool to chat with people while watching the sports. It has the best User interface (UI) and also very clean and responsive. It comes with a super fast loading speed and consumes very fewer data from your computer and other smartphones. One of the major disadvantages of this site is that it has too many ads.

7. StreamWoop


StreamWoop is a new sports streaming website where you can enjoy your favorite sports match live without any hassle. This site provides streaming of various sports like Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, WWE, Racing, Boxing, Golf, Cricket, etc. for free. So far, NFL and Soccer games are the most trending games on StreamWoop.

The user interface of this website is quite simple, and you can watch many popular sports like WWE, Motorsports, and other sports too. From search button, you can easily find your favorite sports match or event. This site is especially popular in the United States as it offers various kind of American sports like NFL, NBA, NHL. StreamWoop also provides a chatroom for the users to comment and to keep things exciting & fun.



Bosscast is one of the best online sports streaming sites that allow users to view all sports live stream for free. You can enjoy all various kind of sports live matches like Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, NFL and so on. You can also see some of the minor sports like Rugby, Soccer, Formula 1 etc. This site automatically detects the time of your location and show the match updates accordingly.

Bosscast has more than 100 channels, which are available on this site to stream live matches. You can also watch the live TV like AXN, BBC etc. Bosscast also has the chat widget option similar to FromHot in which you can chat with other guys interested in similar sports. This site is most popular in the United States as it tailors to the needs of US favorite sports.

9. CricFree


CricFree.sc is one of the splendid sports streaming sites that allows users to watch various sports like Cricket, Baseball, Football, Rugby, Tennis, Boxing etc. for completely free. This site is the best option to watch the live cricket matches. There’s also a chat box where you can chat or interact with others with similar interests.

This site has over 15 million monthly unique visitors and is also famous for streaming football in the UK, and this site also offers to a stream of league matches in different countries. Overall, the streaming experience is excellent. However, this site has many pop-up ads which leads the users to feel uncomfortable. CircFree is blocked in few countries, so you can use any VPN for accessing the website.

10. HotStar


Hotstar is the most popular and on-demand online video streaming platform owned by Star India. It has a high streaming technology that provides a high-quality video experience to users and has a user-friendly interface with a smart search. It offers more than 50,000 hours of TV content in 8 different languages.

You can watch a wide variety of TV Shows, Movies, Web series and Live Sports which are completely free. Coming to Sports category, it provides the videos and schedules of the matches and also you can watch live sports stream of Cricket, Football, Tennis, Badminton, Formula 1, Kabaddi, Athletics, Hockey, and Table tennis. Live streaming of sports is completely free. However, for some content, you need to subscribe to the premium account. Currently, Hotstar is available only in Asian countries such as India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. If you’re from other countries, then you need to use VPN to enjoy its services. This site is most famous in India and has daily visitors of 3-4 million with over 100 million downloads. Hotstar is also available as an application on Android, iOS and Apple TV platforms.

11. BatmanStream


BatmanStream is the popular sports streaming website with over 15 million unique visitors per month. Most of the sports fans visit this site to watch their favorite sports like NHL, Football, NBA, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Motorsport, Rugby & other matches. BatmanStream is known to be hunting best streams for sports.

This site has a very user-friendly interface, which makes the user navigate without any hassle easily. This site also has a search box option so that you can directly find your favorite sports match easily. Similar to other sites, BatmanStream has a chat widget for users where they can chat and comment on latest sports event with other users. You can also download mobile apps for both Android and iOS users.

12. LiveTV

LiveTV.sx is also one of the top sports streaming sites on the list with over 25 million visitors per month. The user interface of this website is very simple, eye-catching and you can navigate through any option easily. You can see all the sports icons in the sidebar of the website. It has an interesting video archive feature, from which you can find full matches, highlights, summary from finished games.

Similar to other sites, you can watch all the live sports matches which include Football, NBA, NFL, Hockey and other events with links include Premier League, Primera Division, Serie A, and ice hockey. It supports four different languages such as English, Russian, Spanish, and Italian.

13. StreamHunter


StreamHunter.TV is also a free sports streaming sites where you can watch your favorite live matches online. This site streams several major games such as Football, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Moto GP, Rugby etc. You can also search your favorite sports in the search bar. You can see the updates of all the present and upcoming live matches at the moment.

You can easily change your location and as well as the GMT instantly. You can also filter the live stream just by selecting your favorite game from the drop-down menu. One of the major drawbacks of this site is that it has a lot of annoying pop-up ads which appear again & again similar to torrent downloading sites. However, this site is blocked in some countries, so you need to use VPN service to get access to the website.

14. VipBox


VipBox.me is the fastest growing sports streaming site in this year, gaining more than 20% of unique visitors every month. The layout & navigation of the homepage is quite simple with large icons of sports games. You can stream almost all sports around the globe such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Racing, Hockey, F1, Moto GP, Boxing, Badminton, Table tennis and all other games.

You can click on any working link to stream the live match. Moreover, This site often changes its domain name (URL), and another major drawback is that you will see a lot of pop-up ads.

15. WatchSportOnline


WatchSportOnline.cc is a user-friendly and straightforward sports streaming website to watch your favorite sports online in HD quality for free. On this site, you can watch many live matches such as Football, NFL, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Motor, Rugby, Tennis and all other games.

You can see the present live streaming matches on the homepage. You need to register using your email-id to stream live running matches which will take 2 minutes to complete the sign-up process.

16. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports

Firstrowsports.eu is also the most popular sports streaming sites which have been providing the live sports stream to the public for many years. This site has one of the best feature for slow internet connection users that they provide the live scores easily without any buffering.

You can also watch the number of sports videos and can upload the video as well. This site provides the best working links of sports live matches streaming. But the worst part of this site is that it shows a lot of annoying pop-up ads on every page click.

17. SportLemon


SportLemon.net is one of the most uncomplicated sports streaming online free website. This user-friendly website provides all the free streaming live sports such as Football, American Football, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Boxing, Moto and other free sports games. You can change your location and GMT from the top right corner of the website instantly.

It provides a bunch of links, and you need to find out the exact working stream from the list. Unlike other sites, SportLemon only shows some decent ads which are not much annoyed.

18. FootyFire


FootyFire.com allows you to stream your favorite sports match online. Moreover, You can also watch the highlight videos of every match on the homepage for free. This site has a basic user interface with good design and mobile responsive. You can find almost every sport like Football, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Boxing, etc.

It provides only the useful links where you can find the streaming page. You can also stream the famous sports TV channel FOX Sports. You can watch the latest highlights video and the upcoming live matches updates. Although, this site is popular due to its dedication to its free NFL streaming sites. You can also search your favorite sports video by filtering with sports category type or time or with the place. One of the best parts of this site is that it doesn’t display any pop-up ads.

19. MamaHD


Mamahd.tv is the most famous sports streaming website that offers free sports with HD quality stream. If you’re a true football fan, then this is the best site to watch all your favorite football league live. MamaHD is most popular in the US & UK with more than 5 million unique monthly visitors and 40% of traffic are from Europe alone. This site has excellent UI and comes with classic design & mobile friendly on all browsers.

You can especially watch the live sports events like Horse racing, English premier league, Basketball, Boxing, UFC, WWE, Cricket, Football, Snooker and much more. The main concern of this site is that sometimes the broadcasts stops unexpectedly and also this sit has a lot of pop-up ads.

20. CBS Sports

CBS Sports

CBSSports.com is one of the worlds top most sports streaming site which offers 24-hour streaming coverage of sports news, highlight and live videos for free. Their user interface is very modern and has a cool design. You can easily navigate anything available on navigation bar without any hassle.

You can stream fantasy games like Baseball, basketball, Hockey, Football, NFL, NBA, NHL, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Olympics and all other sports in the world. You can also stream all the live matches, updates and schedules by downloading the CBS Sports app on smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), connected TVs (Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku).

21. Time4TV


Time4TV.live is an online TV streaming site which offers users to watch live sports channel on the internet for free. This site has more than 120 sports channels which are displayed on sports category. You can almost find every sports channel around the globe on this site. You can also view news channels like  BBC, CNN, Fox News, Sky News, ABC News, etc.

You can watch all the live sports events such as Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis and all other live matches scheduled. There’s also a chatroom on the left side of the homepage, where users can have a live chat with other users based on their interest. However, the user experience is not so good as it shows a lot of annoying pop-up ads.

22. Feed2All


MyFeed2All.eu is an eminent live sports streaming sites which is more famous in the UK. The site mainly focuses on sports which are widespread in the Europe region. This site is famous for watching games like Football, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, and Snooker. Additionally, You can also watch the sports such as Cricket, Motorsport, WWE, Ice Hockey, Olympics,  etc.

This site shows its own advertisements on their pages. However, it will not create any significant interruptions to the users. It shows the high-quality stream videos and fast loading links which are frequently updated. This site has more than 4+ million unique visitors each month. The user-interface is very simple & design is eye-catchy, and you can change your GMT and location according to your country.

23. RedStream


RedStream.tv is definitely one of the best live sports streaming sites where you stream all your favorite sports in HD quality at free of cost. You can see the list of live sports streaming on its homepage itself, and along with that, you can also view all the schedule of upcoming events. You can change your location instantly just by changing the GMT shown at the top right corner of the website. You can also change your language to English, Italian, France, Spain, and German.

Similar to other streaming sites, you can view all your favorite sports such as Football, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Snooker, Golf, Racing and all other games. The design and layout of the website are user-friendly. However, You will see some pop-up ads, but it doesn’t really disturb the visitors much.



Sony Live is one of the most famous and legal entertainment site owned by Sony Pictures Networks that allows you to watch live sports. You can watch all latest live matches & updates about sports such as Cricket, Football, Tennis, Basketball, WWE, Commonwealth games and much more without paying a single penny. You can also watch the highlights and trending sports videos.

You need to register via email-id to stream some of the live sports channels, videos and for live updates. The picture quality is incredible, it streams live matches in full HD without any lag or delay. Whenever you play any video, you need to watch their entire ads to continue the video, whether you play it for the first time or any. You can also catch latest updates & stream live videos on your Android & iOS devices and even on your TV using Chromecast.

25. WiZiWiG


Wiziwig.to delivers the best free live sport streaming on your PC and Mobile. This site comes with all kind of sports such as Football, Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Soccer, Hockey and other sports. This site shows the maximum best stream according to your network strength and quality. This site allows the users to select the local time zone according to their location for all schedules and upcoming matches.

This site has tremendous community forum of active users which brings the website more traffic and growth. The site UI is simple and user-friendly. However, the site shows a lot of interruptive pop-up ads on every single click which makes the user feel irritated.

26. Streaming Sports

Streaming Sports

Streaming Sports is a free live sport streaming website where you can find your favorite sports events and watch them live, or catch the highlights later. This site has an awesome user interface and very eye-catchy design, you can even see a big search bar on top of the website which let you search for your favorite sports event quickly.

You can watch many popular sports like Football, Basketball, American Football, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis and finally Motorsports. You can also check the live updates and links to the upcoming streaming events, which are updated 15-30 minutes before the match starts. This site doesn’t show any pop-up ads but it shows a lot of attractive promoted content of other websites mostly related to women, which attracts the users to click on them.

27. SportP2P


SportP2P lets you stream recent live games from all around the world. This site has a neat user interface and layout. You can watch all the live sports given in navigation bar such as Football, Basketball, Tennis, Motorsports, Hockey, Rugby and other games. You can also stream the live football matches from Primera Division, Seria A, Europa League, Premier League, Champions League and many other leagues.

All the live streams on this site will be available approximately 10-15 minutes before the official broadcast’s starts. You can also upload the sports videos providing the URL link and email-id. SportP2P.com just index the available links for various sports stream videos. Most of the stream links may not work and you need to search for the exact working link. Links to the match are updated at least 45 minutes before the game starts.

28. 12th Player

12th Player

If you’re a real Football lover, 12thPlayer.com could be your only one best website that brings all the live video streams, news and updates related to Football from all over the world. You can subscribe and watch all the Football events like big leagues, champions league, etc. absolutely free of cost. However, this site shows some ads which feel the user irritated while watching the videos.

Other than football, 12thPlayer also streams other sports such as soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, racing, rugby, and volleyball. You can also change the GMT time and location according to your favorite sport’s schedule which can be seen at the top right of the homepage.



The Sports streaming website ADTHE let you watch the latest live sports games from anywhere in the world. This site was popularly known as Adthe.net which was seized by ICE Homeland security investigations in 2011 but late it was back online as Adthe.to, is working fine now.

You can see all the sports events of the particular day on its homepage that you can live stream. You don’t even need to register here, and you can watch your favorite sport in HD quality for free. This user interface of this site looks simple and user-friendly. You can watch all the sports like Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Poker, Boxing, Rugby, Hockey, Handball and can also stream live ESPN TV channel. This site only works in the U.S & the U.K. However, you can access it by using any VPN service.

30. SportStream


SportStream.tv is a live sports streaming website where you can watch all the sports games all around the world. This site almost offers you precisely what you need. This site has a decent design and easy user interface that gives you a chance to follow your favorite games easily. You can easily find the latest updates and schedules of your favorite game on the home page of the website.

You can browse and live stream the sports games such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, Hockey, Motorsports, Tennis, Volleyball and more. The links of the site are updated every minute and you need to find the best out of it. However, You may feel some bad streaming experience because of its interruptive ads popping up.

31. LiveSport24


LiveSport24 is relatively a new sports streaming site to watch sports online, this site has all the popular sports ready for streaming football, basketball, volleyball and much more but sadly no cricket and also it has over a dozen of sports channels with which you can watch live sports without even creating an account.

For every sport this site has listed, it gives you 5 different streaming players so that, if one doesn’t work you can use the remaining ones. LiveSport24 has a lot of annoying advertisement that pops up while watching sports.

32. beInSports


beINSports is one of the most popular sites to watch sports online for free, it has all the popular sports including cricket available to stream live and also watch the recorded ones, it even has live scores board for the sports, so you don’t have to roam around.

This site is offered in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and more, some shows on this site have been blocked in a certain region, use a VPN to change your location and unblock to watch your favorite sports with ease!

33. SkySports


One of the most popular channel for all the latest sports news also has a website wherein you can catch up with all popular sports for completely free and no need to create an account and the best part is there is little to no ads.

With SkySports website, you can also directly stream SkySports channel in HD quality, so when there is a sports match that is playing on SkySports channel you can stream that match directly on your phone or laptop easily!

34. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

With BBC iPlayer you cannot actually stream full-length sports online or stream live sports, but it has a ton of sports-related videos like a guide on playing tennis and also it hosts highlights of most popular sports.

So, BBC iPlayer is for those who need to watch just the highlights and get more information regarding a particular sport and also it has a few exclusive sports-related interviews and documentary.

35. MyP2P


MyP2P is relatively a lesser know sports streaming site to watch sports online but it has all the major sports for live streaming and also you can watch live sports TV channels right from this site for completely free and no headache of creating an account or registering.

For every live sport listed on this site, it has over 5 different links, So if one doesn’t work you will have the other four and also you can take part in the sports discussion with like-minded people. Cons of this site are a little too much ads and poor design.

36. Reddit


If you thought Reddit is just for talking and discussing with people from all over the world, boy you are wrong, as Reddit will allow its users to create a niche specific sub-community like subreddits, people have created a subreddits for every sport and in that subreddit, you can interact and discuss with sports-minded people.

Reddit will not host any sports streams on their server instead, people in subreddits will post links and additional information regarding the streams, to find one just use the Reddit search bar and search for any desired stream that you like, I have mentioned some popular ones below.

Like these, you can find a ton more if you search on Reddit.

37. Hulu


Hulu is more popular site for streaming movies and TV shows, but now it also hosts live sports streaming and watch the highlights of already played sports from the top sports streaming channels like NBC, CBS, ESPN and also you can filter sports channel by your region for completely free for a month then after it is chargeable.

The thing I like the most in Hulu is, it has an app for both Android and iOS with which you can easily watch sports online with the convenience of our phone not only that it even supports Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon fire TV and much more.

38. TenSports Live

TenSports Live

TenSports the sports streaming channel has a website where you can watch most of the popular sports online, recently this website has been renamed to Sony Pictures Sports Network, yea a pretty long name though. Here you can catch up with the highlights of sports for completely free and no need to register yourself, but you can’t watch live sports though.

At top of the site, it has the most popular sports like cricket, football, WWE and more, by clicking on any particular sport it will open up the particular section of that sport with a ton of videos related to that, also you can read sports related article right on their site.

39. All Sport Live

All Sport Live

All Sport Live is just another free sport streaming site, where you can catch up with live sports streaming across hundreds of channel, be it football, cricket, tennis and much more without even registering on their website, this website also has a personalized section for different countries and also has different languages supported.

Catching up with your favorite sports on this site is easy just select the sport you need to watch and it will list down the channels which are streaming that particular sport based on the country you have selected and then click on the channel icon it will start displaying the live stream of the website, if it does not load try reloading the site.

40. Zorrostream


This website allows you to stream live football, handball, hockey, motorsport and many more sports for free and no need to sign up, but it has that irritating ads and commercials here and there, this site was blocked in my region, so I used a VPN to unblock it, if it doesn’t load up in your region then use a free browser VPN like Betternet extension to unlock it.

You can adjust the timezone according to your region and catch up with the live sports, to watch any of your desired sports on this site is easy, just select the category of the sport like handball, volleyball and click on it, it will open up a long list of channels that are telecasting that particular show, just select any of the channel from and list and you are good to go, but sometime when you click on links it will redirect you to a different site, close that site and reopen Zorrostream again, because the redirected site is an ad, which is the only con on this site.


We all knew that almost every Sports event are broadcasted live in all countries. But, for a TV viewer, you knew that some of the live events are not broadcasted for free. You can also watch sports on your PC and on any smartphones using internet on any sports streaming websites that are licensed to stream sports online. However, these sites too charge some bucks for subscription services and have country restrictions. So, If you really want to watch your favorite sports matches online, then you can use all the above free streaming websites that will satisfy your sports needs.

We hope all these best free sport streaming websites here we mentioned would work equally well for you. And most important part is that some of the websites don’t have access in some countries, So we kindly recommend you to use any free VPN services. Additionally, most of the sites show the interruptive pop-up ads that feel so annoying and to avoid that we recommend you to enable ad-blocker on your browser.

Some websites may show you that this site is not reachable that is because the owner behind the sites have blocked people from your region to not watch sports on their site, so to bypass that use a VPN service, there are a ton of free VPN services for both mobile devices and computer devices like Better VPN for Chrome and Turbo VPN for Android use those free VPN’s.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you still have any doubts and found any other sports streaming sites then you can comment us below and don’t forgot to share this article with your sporty friend.


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