6 Best Survey Remover and Bypass Tools (that works like charm)


I will be honest here, surveys are annoying and irritating! If you are a frequent internet user you will probably land up in a survey locked file which requires you to fill up a long boring survey, then only after you complete it you will be provided the file or the content you requested for, that is a complete waste of time in just filling up surveys right? Well, not anymore as I will be sharing quite a few websites and software that will help you bypass and remove surveys with ease!

Survey Remover

If you are wondering why you keep seeing those surveys, they are actually a way to make money, sites like Sharecash allows creators to upload their creations like apps and software and when a user requests the file, it will be locked with advertisements and surveys, if a user fills up the survey the creators earn a bit of revenue and the survey creator or the host company will take opinions from survey to improve their products.

Best Survey Remover and Bypass Tools

Below are some of the best and working survey remover and survey bypass software and websites that are completely free to use, some are just websites where you need to enter the URL of the survey locked file or the content and click on go, then after it will start to download the file and some are software that you need to download and install on your computer to remove surveys.

1. Bypass Survey

Bypass Survey

Bypass Survey is a completely free tool, that was created because the internet is meant to be explored and not just getting held by a freaking survey every other time you download and view anything online, this website not just helps you in bypassing surveys but also has an option wherein you can Encrypt URL which means it converts the data or the information into code providing you a safer browsing experience, removing scripts and objects which will speed up your browsing experience.

Using this website to remove surveys is pretty easy, just enter in the URL of the site where you are being asked to fill up survey and click on the go button and if you need you can select to remove scripts, encrypt URL, then after Bypass Survey will load up the website which you had entered the link for without any annoying surveys and also providing you a safer browsing with the features it offers.

2. Survey Remover

Survey Remover Tool

Survey Remover is software which is available for completely free on Windows which lets you bypass surveys from popular download sites like Sharecash, Fileice, Cpalead and much more that will redirect you to the actual file or the content you wish to watch by removing surveys and letting you download desired files easily!

Download the software from the link given above and install this software, after that enter the URL of the file or the content you wish to view that is blocked by annoying survey be it Sharecash, Fileice or any and if you need you can also tick the hide IP address button and click on download if its a downloadable file or click unlock URL if it is a content that’s been blocked.

3. Sharecash Downloader

Sharecash Downloader

Sharecash is a monetization platform where the creators will upload their files and apps to it and Sharecash will monetize by helping creators earn revenue by adding content locked surveys, where only after to complete the survey you will be able to download the file and to bypass and download the file Sharecash Downloader will come into play.

Unlike Bypass Survey, this is not an online platform or a website, this is a software you need to download and install, after installing this software open it up, then paste the URL of the file in the URL box and tick bypass survey then click on download, it will bypass the surveys and will start downloading the file you have requested for.

4. Disable Javascript

This method is my favorite one as it does not require you to visit any third party websites or download any software, this runs out of the box from your browser, but it may not work or every survey you through at it, the method of working is simple, as most of the surveys on web are built using javascript you just need to block javascript on that particular website where you are getting surveys.

If you are using Chrome browser follow the steps mentioned below to disable javascript on Firefox follow this guide.

Step 1 – Click on the secure icon or the “i” icon on the site where you need to bypass survey and then click on site settings.

Chrome Site Settings

Step 2 – As you click on site settings it will open up the settings in a new tab, scroll down and find Javascript and select block option.

Chrome Block Javascript

Once you have selected javascript to be blocked on the site where you are getting annoying surveys, reload it after reloading, the survey will probably be gone leaving you to download the file you requested.

5. Survey Remover Extension

If you are not a fan of downloading software or visiting websites to bypass survey, that is where these browser extensions come into play, these extensions are easy to download and install and mainly very easy to use, when not needed just disable these browser survey remover extensions.

If you are a Chrome user you can use XJZ Survey Remover this extension was created way back in 2009 by a student who was tired by filling fake surveys and polls. As this extension is pretty old by now it won’t be working on new survey sites and polls.

For bypassing surveys on Firefox just download and install this browser extension which will help you to download the file you requested without survey, it will bypass the redirection to a survey site and lets you download the file without any redirects or surveys.

6. Survey Smasher

Survey Smasher

Survey Smasher is feature rich survey bypasser software with which you can easily download multiple surveys locked files at the same some no matter which type of survey it has been locked through, this software will do the hard work in bypassing it and let you download the file you needed.

After downloading the file, open up the folder and click on Survey Smasher Pro, after that, it will open up, select if multiple or a single file download and paste the link of the site where you are getting annoying survey and select the folder where you need to save the file and click on convert to Mediafire, that’s it! It will give you a mediafire link or it will save the file in the location where u selected it to save.


These were some of the best survey remover and survey bypass tools that are completely free to download and use, every tool and software mentioned is different from one another and the workings are different too, some just work on the browser itself and some are software that you need to manually install and run.

If you find any survey which is not bypassing, try a different software, as some application is set to remove a particular type of survey only, choose the one which suits you best and time-consuming!

Let me know which of the above-mentioned survey remover worked for you and also any survey bypasser that is worth the mention, in the comment section below, Good day to you!


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