The best microphone for gaming and streaming


There are many aspects to consider when you select the best microphone for gaming and streaming. All streamers want to be heard loud and clear. What’s the use of all work if nobody can assess it? 

If you are going to stream a gaming session on Twitch or YouTube, and want to make sure in clear and crisp capturing quality of your voice, you need the mic that comes with such task. 

It is not recommended to use the mic attached to your headset. Most newbies make such mistake and get the horrible quality of sound. When the audio quality leaves much to be desired your viewers just close the tab and all your efforts are futile! Nobody will see your prowess in the game – you lose your potential audience and, consequently, your popularity. 

You should not neglect such characteristic as a polar pattern as you choose the best microphones for gaming and streaming. Directional properties matter much as they let you know what exactly your mic is capturing. There can be different modes for:

  • Streaming;
  • Podcasting and voiceovers;
  • Interviews etc.

You should always pay attention to different circumstances to select the most suitable mic for it. 

The types of pickup patterns:

  1. Omnidirectional – picking up the sound from all directions;
  2. The bidirectional – capturing sound from the front and rear direction;
  3. Unidirectional also called cardioid – picking the sound from the front and a little from the sides;
  4. Multi-pattern – combines properties of all patterns and can be chosen depending upon the situation.

As you understand, the first option is not the best choice for streaming gamers as it picks up all sounds around while you are playing. It will capture the keyboard noise and mouse clicks, while you need the microphone that will focus on your voice first of all. You need to be heard by your viewers. 

Bidirectional is a good solution when the podcaster is interviewing a person. 

The best mic for a streaming gamer is a cardioid mic that captures the voice of a streamer but suppresses the background noise. The beginning streamers can try such mics as Blue Yeti, Samson Meteor or Blue Snowball USB, which is a perfect entry-level option. 


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