How to use Tinder without Facebook (4 Ways)


Finding your soul mate online is easy these days, as now online dating has come a long way and it is not a taboo now but it is here to stay! and when it comes to online dating apps, Tinder rules that domain! If you are a single and ready to mingle then this is the app just made for you and this app is so popular that your parents also might know about it and according to stats it has matched over 20 million dates till the date!


When it comes it using this Tinder, it is easy to sign up but it requires you to have a Facebook account, it will will gather all your information like name, date of birth, email address and even photos from your Facebook account, while some might feel this is a very easy way to sign up for Tinder and some might just don’t want to connect Facebook world with dating Tinder world.

Let me tell you why Tinder requires Facebook signup. Firstly no will take the hassles of creating a fake Facebook account just to flirt. Second, as I have already told you, it will be easy to signup with Tinder because with Facebook signup you just need to allow permission and Tinder will do its job it getting your photos, name, DOB from Facebook and adding it to Tinder. Third, as Facebook as a humongous amount of users, it will be easier for Tinder to find matches and date for you.

But, if you are a dude like me, who just want to use Tinder without Facebook because of the embarrassment of finding a date online or just need to be private on Tinder without letting your friends on Facebook that you use Tinder, right? Also while you use Tinder, it will show you some potential matches and have a mutual relation, that potential match could be your friend or friends of your friend and also it will show your friends that you are using Tinder, you don’t need that right?

Well, keep scrolling as I will show you few methods with which you can easily use Tinder without Facebook in few simple steps. I have divided this guide on using Tinder without Facebook in 4 methods, they are.

1. Remove Facebook from Accessing Tinder

Alright, you are not into creating a new Facebook account just use Tinder privately right? No problem, Tinder just uses Facebook’s apps API just like other apps, so you can disable Facebook from accessing Tinder via your Facebook account itself. That means after you have disabled Facebook access, Tinder will not display any information or post anything on your timeline with which your Tinder account will be fully private! Sounds Good? Keep scrolling to find out the step by step guide.

Step 1 – Head over to your Facebook account and click the question mark icon which is present in the top right corner, after clicking it will display a drop drown menu in that select privacy shortcuts.

Selecting Privacy Shortcuts 0

Step 2 – After clicking privacy shortcuts, it will display further options, in that select see more settings, which is present at the bottom.

Selecting See More Settings

Step 3 – Once you are in the settings menu, head over to apps and websites, which will display all the apps and the websites with which you have used your Facebook account with.

Selecting Apps and Websites

Step 4 – In the list of apps and websites, select Tinder you can also use the search bar present at the right side.

Searching Tinder

If you are a Facebook user for a long time, you would probably have a truckload of apps and websites that have permission to your Facebook account, take your time in reviewing it and remove apps and websites that you don’t use.

Step 5 – After you see Tinder on the list, click on View and edit, and select the App visibility to Only me and revoke access to friend list so that your friends can’t see your updates on Tinder. You can also select other information to revoke just in case if you need to.

Tinder Only Me

That’s it! after you have followed and completed the above steps Facebook will not have access to Tinder so that you can use Tinder privately without worrying about Facebook!

2. Changing Tinder Settings

This is the easiest way to use Tinder without Facebook, it is as simple as just turning off a setting in the Tinder app itself.

Step 1 – Fire up Tinder app on your smartphone, make sure you have logged in.

Step 2 – Top on your profile and click on settings, which will be located at the top.

Step 3 – Then after, unselect Show me on Tinder social option and click on done, which is present in the top right corner.

Changing Tinder Settings

This way, if you have connected you Tinder account with any social network let’s Facebook, it will not display your information or post anything and also your friends will have no idea that you are using Tinder because they can’t find you!

3. Signing up with Phone Number

This method will be useful for those who are creating/signing up for Tinder for the first time, instead of signing up to Tinder via Facebook now we can use our phone number to sign up, that way Tinder will don’t have access to your Facebook account because you have not linked it!

Step 1 – Download and install Tinder app on your Android or iOS and open it up.

Step 2 – Once you have opened the app, you will have two options, log in with Facebook and log in with Phone Number, tap on the second option.

Tinder Log in with Phone Number

Step 3 – After that, select your country phone code and enter your phone number and click next.

Tinder Entering Phone Number

Step 4 – Then after, Tinder will send you an OTP (one-time password) to the phone number you have entered, copy the OTP and paste it in Tinder app and click on continue.

Step 5 – It will display a message saying verified, then after just enter the details it asks, like email address, password. That’s it!

By this, you will have a Tinder account created in few seconds with your phone number, with which you can easily use Tinder without Facebook.

4. Creating new Facebook Account

If privacy is your main priority and if you need to keep your personal Facebook account away from Tinder then this is for you, in this method for using Tinder without Facebook, you need to create a new Facebook account with your secondary email address and use this second account for only Tinder with all real information like DOB, name, location.

Start by creating a new email address and then signup with Facebook which takes less than a minute, be sure to use the real name, after you have created Facebook with your secondary email address, start uploading your good-looking photos as photos are required to use Tinder effectively.

Now delete you Tinder account with which you have signed up using your primary Facebook account by going to setting and profile. Then after deleting your Tinder account, sign up for Tinder using your secondary Facebook that you have created, Voila! Now you will have a brand new Tinder and Facebook account with no connection to your primary Facebook account.

After you have created your secondary Facebook account and added some photos and signed up with Tinder, go to privacy settings on Facebook and select the following options.

Facebook Privacy for Secondary Account

Select Timeline and Tagging settings like this.

Facebook Timeline and Tagging for Secondary Account

That way, you are blocking finding of your secondary Facebook account, with the above settings.

This method may not be your favorite one as it involves in deleting and creating a new account and also it breaks Facebook policy for creating a duplicate account so this method may not help you in the long run.


So here you go, that were the methods with which you can easily use Tinder without Facebook but in these methods creating Tinder account with phone number is the only legit way you can use Tinder without connecting it to Facebook all the other methods are just tweaking settings of either Facebook or Tinder.

Because of Tinder asking Facebook permission many teens were not using Tinder platform to find a date, now that Tinder team has added a feature wherein you can signup to Tinder with just phone number many will be happy and if you are an old user of Tinder and have already linked your Tinder account to Facebook, use the above-mentioned tweaks and tricks to use Tinder without Facebook.

If you are still having any trouble or know a way of using Tinder without Facebook, do let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you.


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