12 Best Free Vumoo Alternatives You Can Use


Watching movies and TV shows online these days has become more trending and more convenient with free streaming sites that offer a ton of features and some don’t need us to get registered to watch free anime or movie online, one such site was Vumoo, but one day out of nowhere it disappeared from the web, disappointing hundreds if not thousands of their site visitors.


If you are also was a user of Vumoo and used it to watch free movies, now that it has been closed, don’t be disappointed as here I will be sharing some of the best sites like Vumoo or you may also call it Vumoo alternatives. The sites which are mentioned below are pretty similar to Vumoo with the same kind of features like watch movies and TV shows without registering for free and much more, also has the same kind of content.

Best Vumoo Alternatives/Similar Sites

Below are some of the best alternatives sites to Vumoo with HD quality streaming and some sites even lets you download the particular show you are watching that too in HD quality and completely free of cost.

1. Putlocker


I am pretty sure that you have might have come across this site while watching a movie or heard by a friend, as it is one of the most popular sites to watch free movies, cartoons, drama and you name it! It has been the king of free streaming since its launch, but due to copyrights and stuff like that, it keeps changing the domain name.

You don’t have to register on Putlocker to watch a movie or a TV show and the best part is Putlocker is a responsive website that means you can enjoy watching movies and TV shows on your mobile, desktop with ease, if you are tired of searching movies just use their filter to filter out movies by there year of launch, A – Z list or even sort it out by categories!

2. Popcornflix


Popcornflix is another great alternative for Vumoo, which is completely free and legal to watch movies and TV shows on, here again, you don’t need an account but creating one which takes less than 10 seconds will give you access to add movies or TV shows to your watchlist and more!

Opening up Popcornflix, you will be greeted with the latest Hollywood movies, you can use their quick filter to filter out most popular movies, most recent movies or filter it out by categories like romance, action and a ton more categories and to catch up with your favorite TV shows click on the menu which is present of the left side and select TV shows, then after you will be able to watch the latest TV shows or even search for one!

3. Haloa Movies

Haloa Movies

Haloa Movies we can call it one of the best sites like Vumoo because the design of the site the categories of the site is pretty much similar to that of Vumoo. While you visit their website you will be seen newly released movies poster scrolling over them will give you a little description of the movie, category of the movies, actors of the movies and the country where the movies were released.

Haloa Movies is one such website wherein you can streaming latest movies in HD quality and also download it with one click, but for downloading movies you need to have an account with them, which is free to make and streaming HD movies doesn’t require you to have an account.

If you need movies in a particular category, you can use their menu to filter out movies based on their category like adventure, fantasy, history, horror and much more or use the search bar to search and watch your favorite movie!

4. Yes Movies

Yes Movies

YesMovies is a great site like Vumoo to catch up all the latest movies and TV shows, heading over to their site will give you a large search bar wherein you can search for any desired movie, TV shows or even dramas, or else if you need an older version which will be more like the Vumoo you can click on use older version link, you will be redirected to it.

In the older version of the site, you can see a slider which has the latest movies and scrolling through the site will have movies listed according to their categories and if you hover over any movies title, it will give you a neat little information regarding the same, like when the movie was released, what’s the duration of the movie and lastly IMDb rating built right in.

While you are watching movies it has 3-4 streaming services like Openload, Streamgo and much more, so if one doesn’t work you will have the alternative to it! You can also use thier quick links which is at the top of the site to quickly sort list the movies by their date of release, a-z and much more.

5. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher

Movies Water has a pretty much same kind of home screen like the Yes Movies, and just like Yes Movies if you click the old version site like, it will open a simple yet fully features site with a ton of movies and TV shows you can enjoy without any annoying ads or popup, however in some countries you can watch without having to create an account and in some you need to create one.

Now, most of the movies and TV shows listed on this site is in HD quality, 720p and above so that would give you a good experience in watching a movie on this site. If you are tired of searching for movies use their most popular movies button which will list the movies which people are watching right now, or you can pick up a genre and it will list all the movies in that genre!

6. Couchtuner

Couchtuner Alternatives

Now Couchtuner is pretty old site just like Vumoo, it was launched way back in 2010 with an aim of free movies for everyone and it just does that till today, and the team behind it are updating their site with new movies and TV shows constantly and if it doesn’t have your favorite movies of TV show listed you can always request them to add it.

Unlike Movies Watcher, Couchtuner doesn’t want you to create an account with them to watch the movies, and also it has several streaming services for your convenience. If the movies you are trying to load it not loading, you need to refresh the page and which you are on the movie watching page be sure to click on Watch It Here button the other two shiny buttons are just freaking ads.

7. Bob Movies

Bob Movies

Now Bob Movies is for everyone from grandchildren to grandparents because it has such a good collection of movies, in fact, it has movies and TV shows from 1961 to till date in the highest quality possible and even has an option to download movies with one click, but for downloading movies or TV shows you need to have an account with them, which by the way is free to make and takes less than a minute.

Finding the movie to watch on this site is pretty easy and it has one of the best sorting and filtering options, you can find all the sorting options on the left side on the site where you can choose moves by their genre, the year which it was released and even the country which it was released or just use the pick up film option to select the option you need and click on choose, then after it will suggest you the movies on the filters you have selected.

8. Mogo Movies

Mogo Movies

Mogo Movies is a pretty good alternative or you can say a site like Vumoo, it makes watching movies online easier and also has a good collection of movies. Visiting their site you will see the banners of the most popular and trending movies and hovering over them will give a bit more information regarding the movies like the duration, description and the category of the movie.

Mogo Movies also lets users download any desired movies with a click of the button but you need to create an account for that, meanwhile watching movies in HD quality is free and doesn’t require an account. Although this site doesn’t have any filter or sorting options, but you can use their quick navigation which is present at top of their site to quickly sort out popular, most rated and genre-wise categorized movies.

9. Movies Planet

Movies Planet

Movies Planet is another great site like Vumoo that gets you with the latest full-length movies and TV shows for free and no need to register, finding your desired movies on Movies Planet is no tough, just use the search bar which is at the top of the site or use the category wise selection of movies like action, crime, adventure and a ton more.

Just like Vumoo, here also you will not have irritating ads, but it has a bit of redirecting ads which may give you a terrible experience but then, once you click on the play button you no longer will get any annoying ads to disturb you, another thing that I liked in this site is the movie request feature, with this feature you can request for the movies or the TV shows that are not yet available on their site and the admins will be notified regarding the same.

10. My Download Tube

My Download Tube

As the name implies, My Download Tube is for downloading movies and not for streaming, it is a not like Vumoo, which lets you stream movies online, but this site is for those who are a fan of downloading movies and wathing it offline or later, that way they don’t get any of those freaking ads or enjoy movies without buffering and unlike many sites on this list which allows you to download movies but it requires you to have an account with them, its not the case here.

Visiting their site, you will see a slider which shows you the newly released movies, clicking on it will open up a full page regarding that movie with the description and the IMDb ratings of it and also you will have an option to watch the trailer of that particular show in the downloading page itself, now the thing that I hate is the annoying redirecting ads that will do its job of redirecting to an ad as soon as you click a button on their site, that’s the only con for me.

11. WolowTube


WolowTube I would say is the search engine for finding free movies and TV shows and a great alternative for Vumoo, opening up their site you will find a big search bar at the center on their site with which you can search for any movies or TV shows and just below the search bar you will find all the latest trending movies listed with their poster, and on top you can find the menus for TV shows only and switching it to an older version of WolowTube.

Now, the working of this site is quite different from other, as this site doesn’t host or lets you download the movies, but it will provide you with the link where you can download or watch movies online, type in your desired name of the movie in the search bar and hit enter, then after WolowTube will search all the free movies site and will bring you the links where you can watch or download, that too without much of commercials.

12. New Movies Online

New Movies Online

The name says it all! This great alternative for Vumoo, lists all the newly released movies that are trending and allows users to watch or download it for completely free but, unlike many sites on this list you need to register for this site to watch or download movies, but come on man, it takes less than a minute or so! This site doesn’t have much older movies in its database, only the newly released movies neatly categorized with an option to filter.

Search up the movie that you like to watch in the search bar and click on it, here you will find a neat little description on the movie along with its IMDb rating, remember only after you register you can watch or download movies. There are no TV shows listed on this site, but they have a separate site for watching and download TV shows, be sure to check that out if you are a TV series freak!


That is all for this article mate! These were some of the best alternatives or you can call it best sites like Vumoo, that are completely free to watch and some even let you download your desired movies, while some don’t require you to create an account with them and some do.

Some of the sites mentioned above may not work or open up in your region, so use a VPN to unblock those sites and start enjoying free movies with a popcorn! Literally, there are a ton of free VPN’s out there for instance, if you are a mobile user you can use the Turbo VPN and if you are a chrome desktop user you can use the BetterVPN for Chrome, its an extension by the way.

Also, on some of these sites the admins have added annoying redirecting ads, so be sure to close the redirecting an then refresh the page again or else you can use ad-blockers to get rid of ads. Anyways, let me know your favorite alternative to Vumoo in the comment section below and also you can check out our anime streaming sites and sports streaming sites articles for more fun online!


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